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To dream is to dare

Aamir Beigh  As a young artist, roaming around the streets of Kashmir, one would think finding an inspiration must be easy. My journey has been rather different. Moving from ideation to execution has never been a simple task. The hustle is real. Sometimes there is order and sometimes there is chaos but it is never about just taking a pretty picture.

The interpretation of my job to the world is rather simple – I am a photographer. In my reality, I am so much more than that.

I am a dreamer. When I take a picture, I carry a story in my head. There are times when my shots are clearly captured by the camera but they become clearer to me only when I feel a real connection. There is often an underlying narrative through which my photographs and visuals travel.

There is this quote by Maya Angelou which has always stayed with me.

It says – “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you” That’s where I am right now- sharing the stories I live through the pictures I take.

Over the time, I have realized that perfect moments, perfect timings don’t exist in real life. So, the existential question as a photographer is how do you capture a perfect moment? I believe in following the moments, to be one with the flow and to observe the emotions that exist. That is how I seize the moment and produce a vivid immersive imagery for a memorable event.

Today the world is about consumerism, uninterrupted access to social media, personal and peer pressure. There is a constant push to be quantitative, competitive and to seek instant gratification and validation. The face to face with failure is a scary thought for a creative professional. Amidst this, I constantly remind myself to value failure and rejection. It has always thought me much more than success ever could.

I remember the time I started with a basic phone camera and the makeshift light arrangement because I had no means or equipment. I worked with conviction and found acceptance and joy in my work.

Gradually there was a huge surge in the viewer engagement on my page “@Kashmirinmylens” and also many reputed clients approached my company “KashmirWedding” for wedding photography projects.

I started using latest technology and advanced gadgets like a drone to capture larger than life, panoramic shots of the majestic Kashmir landscape. However, in 2018, the usage of drone was completely banned by the government. These are the moments when it suddenly feels as if an  important tool has gone missing from your tool kit. But that’s about it. I believe in talent more than tools. I try to focus on the possibilities rather than hurdles. My takeaway from failures was that you may not succeed all the time but ultimately you do if you are determined and disciplined.

The confidence my family shows in me, makes me believe that I can achieve my dreams. In them, I have found a lot of support, courage and care. They have always been invested enough to help me pursue my calling.

I feel grateful in the journey so far and I am looking forward with much hope. My message to my community and to every budding artist is that one should learn to appreciate imperfections and never lose their inner light.

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