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  • TO THE NEW continues to advance its corporate L&D strategies

    Published on November 10, 2022

    New Delhi : TO THE NEW, a technology services company, has doubled down on its learning & development initiatives for its employees (also referred to as Newers). The company has rolled out well thought out, custom, and personalized programs for each stage of their Newers’ life.

    Learning and development of employees has been one of the most critical pillars for all IT companies. Through these initiatives, the company provides its employees with the right learning resources to help them develop new skills to grow in their careers and solve the business challenges they encounter in real time. At TO THE NEW, every Newer, from a fresher to the company’s leadership, undergoes L&D during their tenure.

    For freshers starting their corporate life with TO THE NEW, the company organizes rigorous Bootcamps for their learning. These 6-month long Bootcamps introduce and train these Newers on technical and soft skills. They are later aligned with not just a manager but a mentor as well. While the manager supervises a Newer’s tasks and goals, the mentor guides them on their career journey.

    For more senior and experienced Newers, the company came up with some innovative programs. Recently the company launched its Future Leaders Program (FLP) wherein the company’s founders personally groom a few Newers for future leadership roles within the company. The company also runs another program called Leadership Learning Forum (LLF) where the leadership team takes part in routine table topic discussions every month to discuss a particular competency.

    There are also several initiatives for Newers, irrespective of their experience or competency. Every month the company hosts Knowledge Meets, which is by the Newers and for the Newers. Employees take up interactive training sessions for other employees. In the last 6 months, the company hosted 101 such sessions. Newers are also given access to a plethora of personal development tools, including membership to Toastmasters International and financial support to take up new courses, certifications, and training.

    Talking about these initiatives, Satya Sharma, Co-Founder & Group CHRO, TO THE NEW said, “We aim to create a work environment where our Newers are always ahead of the curve. We encourage learning through a range of practices to enhance engagement and learning effectiveness. Regardless of how much time someone has spent with us, the development of each Newer is our foremost goal. We believe we have identified every stage in a Newer’s career journey and enabled it with the right tools and mentorship.”


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