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TO THE NEW partners with Vionlabs to transform content discovery and recommendations

New Delhi : TO THE NEW, a digital transformation and product engineering company headquartered in Singapore, and Vionlabs, a leading AI technology provider in video UX optimization, have entered into a strategic partnership to improve customer experience through mood-based content discovery.

TO THE NEW and Vionlabs today announced a technology integration that uses AI-based analysis of video files to dramatically increase viewer engagement and satisfaction, as well as ad monetization by OTT providers. This partnership brings together TO THE NEW’s innovative streaming solutions and Vionlabs Cognitive AI solutions to improve the digital & technical capabilities and innovation ecosystem in OTT services. This would enable offering personalized content discovery, based on the emotions each content category invokes, to the subscribers.

TO THE NEW’s VideoReady is a rich, flexible, and extendable solution for branded OTT platforms that is built on four pillars of speed, flexibility, experience, and monetization. VideoReady provides end-to-end OTT solutions with full ownership for launching and running OTT services that deliver to their business and consumer needs.

Manish Sinha, Vice President & Business Head – OTT Solutions & Services at TO THE NEW, comments on this partnership, “Personalized content wins over the audience. VideoReady, our in-house solution for OTT platforms, offers a rich, intuitive, and omnichannel experience to viewers across platforms backed by a strong recommendation engine. If the metadata optimization is done right, any OTT platform can elevate the content discovery experience. This is exactly what our partnership with VionLabs foster. It enables us to deliver an outstanding user experience by adding a unique category of content categorization and recommendation based on new age factors like consumer moods & interests. This all combined makes it a smooth & faster journey for the user to search, find and Experience something interesting to watch.”

Vionlabs’ first-of-its-kind Cognitive AI video-audio platform, Fingerprint+, analyzes consumer mood and long-format video-audio files to produce high-quality metadata needed to determine the emotional impact of content.

“Keeping the content discovery experience smooth and highly relevant can do wonders for user engagement and retention for streaming platforms. Combining TO THE NEW’s innovative OTT Solutions and Vionlabs proprietary AI platform will bring content discovery to the next level,  help decrease the churn, and also benefit the content ROI”, comments Cecilie Chen, COO and Head of Partnerships at Vionlabs.

Key features:

● Leveraging fingerprint embedding to innovate around personalization, content analysis, and more

● 30+ Predicted Genres to categorize the titles and combine with other nuances in the fingerprint plus data such as mood and keywords to create many micro-tastes groups

● Measures the emotion and mood of each scene or character with unprecedented accuracy and recognizes 65+ different moods inside a single video file

● 20+ Mood categories, extracted by AI, allowing connecting of titles across different genres. Classification of each Mood Tags into a more general category so that content is accurately categorized

● 1200+ descriptive keywords for the content story with weights reflecting the story of the content from different perspectives resulting in relevant keywords describing the main topic or elements of the content

● Detailed personalization around topics, genres, and more significantly improving the search and discovery experience keeping the viewers engaged

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