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  • Tuesday, February, 2021| Today's Market | Current Time: 11:36:03
  • Top 10 OEMs Accounted for 42% of Global Semiconductor Market in 2020

    Published on February 16, 2021

    Apple, Samsung and Huawei retained lead positions as the top original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and semiconductor buyers in 2020. According to the research data analyzed and published by Comprar Acciones, Apple was the top semiconductor buyer in 2020, spending $53.62 billion.

    Apple’s spending increased by 24% YoY, giving the tech giant an 11.9% market share. The top 10 buyers spent a collective $188.73 billion, accounting for a 42% share of the global semiconductor market.

    Apple’s iPhone Sales Soar by 17% in FY21 Q1

    Apple retained the top spot as a result of increased device demand resulting from the shift to remote work. Its performance was particularly remarkable during FY21 Q1 when it posted double-digit gains in every product segment.

    The company’s iPhone sales shot up by 17% to $65.60 billion while services revenue rose by 24% to $15.76 billion. Mac revenue rose by 21% to $8.68 billion and iPad revenue by 41% to $8.44 billion.

    In stark contrast, Samsung posted a decline of 11% in mobile sales during Q4 2020. It attributed the drop to increased competition during the year-end season. However, it posted the highest quarterly earnings in its display segment, sending operating profit up by 26.4%. According to Wall Street Journal, the company is planning to construct a $17 billion chip-making plant in the US in 2021.

    Samsung posted the second highest spending on semiconductor purchases during the year. The South Korean company spent $36.42 billion, up by 20.4% from 2019. It had an 8.1% market share.

    Though Huawei retained the third spot, its spending fell by 23.5% to $19.09 billion. Its ability to buy semiconductors was hampered by US trade restrictions. These, in turn, led to a decrease in smartphone supply and market share. The global market saw a total of $449.84 billion spent on semiconductor purchases during the year.