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  • Friday, October, 2021| Today's Market | Current Time: 10:52:21
  • Giving and receiving gifts has been a long-time tradition, especially in India – the land of festivals and customs. Arriving at a soiree is often frowned upon. But today, we are not talking about presents for your near and dear ones. Instead, it is time to pamper yourself with some amazing gifts because you deserve all of them! We often forget to treat ourselves so, it’s time to know the true meaning of self-indulgence. Nevertheless, picking a gift for yourself can be as tricky as choosing one for a friend or a relative. So, here are a few reasons why you should get yourself a gift card instead:

    Avoid Splurging 

    As mentioned earlier, pampering yourself and splurging every once in a while is quite necessary and healthy. However, gift cards are a great option if you wish to buy yourself a nice present without breaking the bank. Since there are different prices of gift cards available, it makes it a lot easier for you to stick to a budget and thus avoid splurging. Furthermore, buying a gift card means that you have set some money aside, and you can use it to treat yourself whenever you want. And this way, you can shop without having to feel guilty!

    Loyalty Rewards

    Gift cards work similarly to the Starbucks’ Gold Card program, which lets frequent visitors have freebies by collecting stars. The coffee chain requires the consumers to use gift cards to earn rewards. While this encourages loyalty amongst patrons, it also ensures that consumers keep coming back. You can earn rewards and then avail yourself of exciting discounts on your next order on every purchase. Thus, buying gift cards, especially from a brand you love, is always a fantastic idea!

    Additional Discounts

    There are several instances where you would have come across gift cards at huge discounts. Many brands offer additional discounts and extra incentives on gift cards. This is because when you buy gift cards, you are guaranteeing the brand that you will come back for another shopping spree or another meal at their restaurant. So, you can easily find a gift card worth ₹3000 only for ₹2500. This is probably one of the best ways to fetch yourself some discount without the hassle of finding coupon codes or vouchers. Well, that’s not it. If you want to earn yourself some cashback, we have a surprise for you! All you have to do is use the Fave India payment app to make your payment on your next purchase (anywhere) and earn great cashback on every purchase!

    More Convenient

    Gift cards are known to be an extremely convenient and secure way of payment. Usually, some major food and coffee chains use digital and physical gift cards to speed up the checkout process. So, whether you are paying for your drinks and meals, you can simply use an app or in-establishment card reader and pay instantly! And as discussed earlier, you can even use codes for digital gift cards that you can store inside your mobile wallet app like Google Pay, Paytm, or Apple Pay.

    Safer Than Cash

    Carrying cash is always a risky business. This is one of the primary reasons why we keep our money in bank accounts and pay through debit or credit cards. Similarly, gift cards are a great way to store money. And even if your card is stolen, you can simply request, buy a new one or get a replacement. Not to mention, this also offers you some peace of mind.

    So, this holiday season, while you are looking for some of the best gift cards to buy for your friends, family, and relative members, do not forget to get a couple for yourself as well. This is not just a way to pamper yourself but has many benefits that can make shopping a lot easier and convenient for you.