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  • Top 5 schools in India with Finland Education System

    Published on February 13, 2022

    Finland has completely transformed the education system and has become the number 1 ranked education system of the world consistently and is now widely regarded as the best education system in the world. The main objective of Finland’s education system is to provide good quality universal education. Finnish education system is based on Student-centered learning as that provides valuable learning experiences. Your independent and critical-thinking skills improve, as well as your self-confidence and global perspective. Here are the top 5 schools in India that provide Finnish education system.

    1. TAS The Academy School

    TAS has the world’s best ‘Finland Education’ System for the first time ever in Pune, Maharashtra. The collaboration with the Finland Education System has encouraged them to bring the world’s best learning possibilities within the reach of the students. TAS provides the perfect balance of classroom education and Education from the world around. They strive to create an environment conducive to the holistic and all-round development of the students. The collaboration with the Finland Education System has encouraged them to bring the world’s best learning possibilities within the reach of their students.

    2. Garodia FinlandWay

    Garodia International School (GICLM) has partnered with FinlandWay®️ Schools to bring the world’s best early education to India. The programme is based on the Finnish Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) model and provides holistic learning experiences. This preschool programme is dedicated to the all-round development of every child. The teachers are specially trained in the pedagogical techniques of the Finnish play, participatory and phenomenon-based education model.

    3. Nordic High International School

     Nordic High International School apply the renowned Finnish curriculum integrated with best pedagogical practices from around the world to provide a personalized, purposeful, and locally relevant system. Their system provides truly international education that is relevant for local students. They empower all pre-K to grade 12 students to explore their natural creativity, discover their true passions, and shape their own future.

    4. Goenka Global Education

    Goenka Global Education has partnered with Educluster Finland and look to add new Finnish International schools. Both companies have a strong track record in bringing the best possible finnish education to the local market. ECF’s experience in contextualising Finnish practices for use overseas and Goenka’s strong footprint in all levels of education in India.

    5. Podar Education

    With a view to study the Finnish education system and imbibe and implement the best practices at Podar Schools, they have joined hands with New Nordic School, the Finnish education system supplier. This aims at preparing students for soft skills such as collaborative problem-solving and excellent communication schools. Finnish education model inspired Podar Education as Finnish curriculum includes that of interdisciplinary, multi-age, and mindful teaching method. These use pedagogical techniques from around the world to provide a competency based approach that develops 21st-century skills.


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