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  • Sunday, July, 2020| Today's Market | Current Time: 01:07:46
  • The capital city of Delhi is a hub for everything – from colleges to startups, established MNCs, to large industrial tracts, Delhi has an enticing scope for almost everyone. However, we are going to focus on the more youthful population who pack their bags and move to Delhi for either their new jobs or to start their college life. There are thousands of PGs in Delhi and always buzzing with activity since they are the first lodging point for the newbies.

    If you are looking to navigate these places and find yourself an ideal place to stay, here are the top 5 things to consider while booking a PG accommodation in Delhi.

    1. Budget-Friendly:

    Saving money is always on the top of the priority list for many and since you are new to the city you need to be even more cautious about your spending. Thus, before you select a PG, carefully check the amount you will be paying for rent and if there are any overhead charges that might surprise you later in your stay. While we are on the topic of money, it is a good idea to weigh in the security deposit money as well, whether it fits your budget and justifies the amenities provided.

    2. Amenities:

    The MOST important thing to consider before shifting into a PG accommodation. Many PGs offer a rosy picture of ‘luxury facilities’ but many people often end -up with a nasty surprise. There might be water & electricity supply problems, hygiene issues, no housekeeping, and much more that are essentials of living and their absence can make staying there nothing short of arduous. Having these amenities professionally managed is more than just convenience and managed accommodation operators like Stanza Living make life easier on this front.

    3. Proximity and Location:

    If you are a student, chances are, you would need cheap living accommodations closer to your college. Similarly, if you are a young professional, you would prefer living near your workplace so that you do not punch in late or if your HR is keeping a watchful eye, lose your half a day’s salary. Proximity to metro lines, shopping areas, eateries, and basic facilities too requires your attention. Thus, we can’t stress enough about the importance of location. PGs in Laxmi Nagar, Hudson Line, Saket, and similar locations are great options for young students and professionals.

    4. Reviews:

    Reviews are a sure shot way to understand the true condition of the PG that you are thinking of exploring. While a lot of hidden facts might get missed from your notice when you go to check out the place for yourself, reviews can bring you right on track with honest details about the facilities, the management, and the overall living conditions. With this clear feedbacks, you can save yourself the torture and look for a better alternative.

    5. Rules & Regulations

    Different PGs have different regulations. You might be fine with some, but some might not complement your lifestyle or your schedule. For instance, many PGs have the concept of curfews while many PGs have no time restrictions. They also have different standing views on visitors which may or may not be something you are willing to accept.

    So, before you pay the deposit and move in, have a clear conversation with the warden about the existing regulations, what is and isn’t allowed in the PG premise, and other policies. Based on them, you can decide whether you want to move in or not.

    Your PG accommodation will determine the quality of your life as well as your physical & emotional health. Therefore, it is very important to carry a checklist of important criteria and see if any of these accommodations fulfill those.