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  • Thursday, December, 2022| Today's Market | Current Time: 07:31:27
  • As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, people from multiple countries have been temporarily furloughed, are working from home, or are self-isolating. While social distancing brings with it its own boredom and frustrations, it also allows us time to reflect on personal growth.

    For some, this turbulent period is an opportunity to discover a hobby they’ve previously lacked the time to explore in earnest.

    Taking up a hobby is the perfect way to emerge from a spell of isolation with something positive. Hobbies allow us to draw our attention away from our worries, and focus on something outside of ourselves. They also let us take time out alone, and encourage people to be productive without having to be work-focussed.

    Browse some courses, and discover your new hobby today.If you want to explore your latent creativity, here are top Hobby platforms to have creative courses on everything from screenwriting to songwriting to inspire your inner artist.


    unlu, an outcome-based-learning platform which targets to upskill 100M creators in India. It is a one-stop immersive learning platform in creative education has recently announced the launch of India’s first cohort of aspiring singers. Being an interactive academy in the creator tech space, unlu’s flagship cohort program helps aspiring creators to learn from the top industry experts, and celebrity instructors, and help them collaborate with other creators to create impactful content and build a career by monetizing the content.


    Frontrow helps the students to learn from pre-recorded sessions from their favorite celebrities. From vocal music to music composition, from sports to filmmaking, Frontrow helps students to learn the nuances of their dream vocations. It has huge selection of free online courses perfect for those of you looking to take up a new hobby.


    MasterClass launched, in 2015, it offered three courses: Dustin Hoffman on acting, James Patterson on writing, and Serena Williams on tennis. Today, there are a hundred and thirty, in categories from business to wellness. The classes are crammed with pro tips and are often highly entertaining.


    CelebritySchool offers practical online courses by Indian Celebrity Artists. The trainers include superstars who are passionate about their art and want to share their knowledge. CelebritySchool shoots the courses directly with the trainers so they can teach their exact techniques, exercises, practical tips and secrets


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