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  • Top Six Ways How Virtual Events Can Be Used Effectively By D2c Brands In The Following Segments:

    Published on June 13, 2022

    We can observe that the style of doing business is changing as the times change. Along with the old corporate houses, there are numerous young startups that are expanding and competing with the giants. However, unlike typical firms, D2C brands have no intermediaries and are actively involved in product manufacture, marketing, and distribution. As a result, it is necessary to collaborate with retail sites or pop-up stores to distribute items or ship directly to customers. To keep up with market developments and competition, they must maintain a close eye on their customer community, product users for brand recall, product feedback, and customer relationships.

    Sumanyu Soniwal, Founder and CEO, Wiztales, suggests top six ways how virtual events can be used effectively by d2c brands in the following segments:

    Product launches:  To increase the reach of their physical product launch by streaming it live on a virtual-event platform that is tailored to the theme of the product being presented, virtual product launch is important. It allows customers to participate in product-related games and purchase newly announced products directly from the product launch event platform and create a buzz around the new product or service that is being launched.

    User conferences: Any brand which wants to establish itself as a market leader, keeps creating successful, regular, and cost-effective user conferences with a superb speaker lineup to grab attention and engage with more customers. As the expense of hosting a virtual event is about a quarter of the cost of hosting a physical event with a larger audience, D2C businesses can host a large number of user conferences in a quarter.

    Combining the conference with a virtual exhibition of their product line, giving attendees the chance to win free samples by interacting with the full Virtual Event Platform helps them in getting in the market at a much faster pace.

    Along with that, inviting industry leaders and influencers to interact with the audience in the networking room brands make sure that customers do get a better perspective of their product or services.This ease of connecting with a larger group is only possible due to a virtual event platform.

    Community events: Society, clubs or recognize the need to connect online with their target group and also understand what interests them. Keeping all this in mind they can organize a Virtual carnival, Tambola, Movie night, and other fun activities. This helps in building a virtual vibrant fun space for people to connect and engage.

    Rewards and recognition & employee-engagement events: New-age direct-to-consumer brands adhere to a very new-age culture. Employees adore them because of the activities they organize for them. Virtual event platforms allow employees to be delighted with Employee Engagement Platforms and also to be rewarded with Virtual Award ceremonies in the age of remote work settings.

    Networking events and mixers: Networking events are a terrific opportunity to meet people who share your interests. The use of our AI-based matchmaking features on the platform to host networking events like hackathons is an exciting new way to connect with like-minded individuals.

    Seller meets: Virtual multi-city seller meetings are incredibly efficient. Companies organize knowledge-based workshops for their salespeople so they can communicate with other brand representatives. It helps brands in recognizing their seller’s needs and shows them how to improve their performance on the aggregator platform. Virtual events are very cost-effective and help in seller community-building exercises.

    Customer behavior is altering as a result of the increased usage of the internet in all aspects of our lives, and D2C brands are capitalizing on this shift. We’ve come a long way from e-commerce to the metaverse, and virtual event platforms are only the beginning. In terms of technology and customer experience, there is still a lot to come, and both businesses and customers are ready to experience it all.


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