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  • Total Sales Of China’s Cell Phone Is 59.161 Million in 2nd Quarter, 2010,

    Published on January 4, 2011

    Analysys International recently released “2010 2nd quarter China’s mobile terminal market, quarterly monitoring” data show that China’s mobile terminal market in 2010 Q2, the domestic cell phone sales reached a total of 59.161 million (excluding the black phone and parallel phone), chain growth of 7.5%.

    Analysys International analyst Wang Liu-sheng said that after a quarter of Chinese New Year holiday, the consumer demand for cell phones have some release. 2-quarter sales of cell phones show seasonal weakness in end market characteristics, but the middle two small false, line City and part of the second and third tier promotion effect is obvious, the overall cell phone sales market is continued rising. But compared to previous quarters, the trend rate increase slowed significantly. Terms of market segments, GSM, CDMA and 3G cell phones performance varied.

    As the operator to focus its resources on the 3G market, a growing number of GSM users choose a 3G standard replacement cell phones, coupled with China Telecom introduced a pair of high, medium and low three-user’s overall strong marketing initiatives, on the GSM the impact of the formation of larger sales, although the low-end users benefit from the scale of development and terminal manufacturers stock promotions, GSM cell phone sales remain slightly higher, but the growth has been close to stagnation, growth of only 0.7%, a total of 34.658 million units expected to show later GSM market will gradually decline in sales trend.

    In CDMA, China Telecom scale procurement, distribution and social channels of rich cell phones and other measures to further levels with some success, seasonal weakness in consumer and market competition situation is still 9.4% sequential increase in sales volume totaled 16.33 million .

    In 3G, the three major telecom operators in Q2 2010 increased marketing efforts, several of which China Mobile’s TD less than a thousand cell phones spread rapidly in the market, China Unicom 3G charges to lower the threshold again, China Telecom will cover millions of low-end of dozens of high school CDMA handsets to market, coupled with post-World Cup marketing campaign, made some development, two-quarter sequential growth of 3G cell phone sales 33.7%, a total of 8.173 million.


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