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  • “Transformation happens when we get real!” – The journey of Ambika Dutt to becoming a certified fitness nutritionist

    Published on September 27, 2022

    “Real transformation requires real honesty. If you want to move forward – get real with yourself.” This quote by Bryant McGill precisely describes the transformation journey of Ambika aka the roaming_nutrionist.

    Being a food enthusiast as well as the parents loved child, Ambika never paid much heed to her dietary practices. Never being concerned about what she ate, aerated drinks, chips, and fast food were a normal, and substantial part of her diet. So, during her teenage years up to about college Ambika was fairly overweight. However, college was a little shocking for her since it was the first time she was taunted about her weight. Feeling left out, Ambika decided to work on herself and the first thing she did was be real about it. She accepted her body and the fact that she had no idea about weight management and healthy dietary habits.

    On the advice of one of her seniors, who also promised to guide her in the gym, she joined a gym close by. Ambika started by doing basic cardio two times a day. However, unaware of how important a proper diet works, Ambika left everything and only consumed milk, juices, and fruits. Even chapati became a rare item for her and she only consumed it when forced by her parents. But this did not last long enough, as Ambika lose weight but she also became highly weak. Fatigue, weakness, and body aches were common symptoms for her accompanied by anemia. Even daily chores became as difficult as climbing a mountain.

    After recovering from this, Ambika made sure to gain knowledge about how diet plays an important role in losing weight and what a proper diet mainly includes. Since Ambika was a vegetarian then, she started with adding high proteins to her daily meals followed by the shift to being a Lacto-Ovo vegetarian and subsequently, a non-vegetarian. Through these changes in her dietary practices along with proper workouts, Ambika saw a positive change in herself. While she was losing her extra body fat, she started gaining lean muscle mass and her face was marked by a different charismatic healthy glow.

    Following this, Ambika gained a deep interest in nutrition and exercise, and so she enrolled herself in the program at the “International Sports Sciences Association”, for becoming a certified fitness nutritionist. After having adequate knowledge and certification, Ambika started guiding people to achieve their fitness goals by making diet charts for their specific body types and weight loss program.

    Knowing she needed a more comprehensive and larger base; Ambika curated her website by the name of Shape Tutor and then it was utilizing this website that Ambika reached a larger audience. Soon she started uploading some basic dietary practices on her Instagram as well.

    Ambika, came a long way from being a  person who wanted to lose weight to being a certified health and fitness nutritionist. Ambika not only guides people for body transformations but also helps in pregnancy and child nutrition which are an integral part of any household. For any further details and nutrition help, do visit http://shapetutor.com/ and get in direct contact with Ambika aka the roaming_nutrionist.


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