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Travel buzz Shivangi Sharma confesses Exploring myself one trip at a time

While exploring the world; one trip at a time: Shivangi Sharma opens about what it means to be a woman traveling solo!

Traveling is calming and virtue of reassurance; it changes people in many directions. It gives exposure to dwellings and sanity.

 Many incredible creators around the globe have successfully made a career out of excursion but for many women, it can only be a leisure outtake and not a stable vocation. But yet there are some queens across the edges that are making this a reality along with imploring others to take a stand for them too. One such influencer is travel blogger Shivangi Sharma.

Commenced her journey very young with a motto to break stereotypes, collect experience to share with others to nurture, and with a subtle dream to encompass every corner of the world.

Shivangi is not any regular tourist, her blogs and vlogs help her followers to visit places just being in the comfort of their couch making a list of suggestions of where to head. This Content author has smashed several beliefs and conceptions about women touring alone via her voyage.

The influencer has substantiated that women can be independent motorists.

Shivangi also shares about her encounters with fellow male travelers during her excursions who either showed concern saying ” It is not reliable to travel solo being a girl and if do, women must roam only when with their spouses or family and not be lonely.

Keeping aside everything, she kept nourishing her passion for traveling and has explored many unhindered places around India. Shivangi holds a record of traveling 29 states in 39 days by alley all alone.

Shivangi shares that traveling to each spot teaches her many things and she explores herself a little more every day with every trip. She also establishes safety and promotes traveling to solo female wanderers creating awareness and a list of Dos and Don’t!

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