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  • Travel Insurance Claims: The Only Guide You Need

    Published on July 26, 2019

    Picture this: You’re on your way to experience the scenic beauty of nature. Amidst all your excitement, you realize that you have either misplaced your bag with all the important paperwork or your partner needs immediate medical treatment. What will you do then? In order to help you in times of need while you’re on your adventure, insurance companies have offered their customers the ability to claim their international or domestic travel insurance policies and avail benefits for any unforeseeable circumstances.

    Take a look at these different scenarios where you can make a claim with the right procedure and paperwork:

    How to file a travel insurance claim?


    In order to make a claim for your travel insurance, you have to thoroughly know the procedure to do so. Typically, you can make claims in times of hospitalization, baggage damage, loss of passport, accidental or personal loss, and so forth. In order to help you with these scenarios, every insurance company might have a common process for filing the claims. Take a look at this process for better understanding:


    1. Contact the Assistance Service Provider (ASP) since he is appointed directly by the insurance company to be at your service during trips.
    2. Register your claim immediately with him.
    3. Submit all your personal details in order to make the claim.
    4. After the registration, he will ask you to submit the required documents post your return from the trip depending on the loss.

    List of details that needs to be submitted by the customer:


    1. The number of your policy
    2. The name of the policyholder
    3. Existing contact number & email address
    4. Diagnosis of the disease
    5. Place and country of the loss
    6. Name of the provider
    7. Name and contact of the calling person if he is contacting on behalf of the insured person
    8. Accurate date & time of the incident
    9. Brief description of the loss

    Documents required for hospitalization:


    1. Photocopies of all invoices, bills, receipts, credit card and bank statement related to medical expenses.
    2. Treatment, admission or discharge reports specifying the condition while on your tour in order to claim for medical expenses.
    3. Injury claims to mention the details of the accident, incident, Police or ER reports.
    4. EOB from the health insurance company in case the cover is either secondary or excess.

    Documents required for the loss and damage of baggage


    1. For damage, copy of the repair invoice
    2. For loss, receipts of all the claimed loss or any other documentation stating either received or expected settlement, refunds, credits for this loss from the opposite party
    3. Travel itinerary specifying the details of your insurance coverage for this trip
    4. Accident, incident, Police or ER report specifying the details of the said incident


    Documents required for the loss of passport:


    1. Photocopy of the current passport
    2. Photocopy of the lost or the stolen passport, if available.
    3. Copies of the bills or invoices of the expenses required for acquiring a new passport
    4. Accident, Incident, Police or ER report specifying the details of the said event


    Documents required for the cancellation of the trip:


    1. Documents in order to support your reason why you want to opt for the cancellation of the trip. Claims pertaining to any medical emergency requires a separate Medical Certificate claim form stating the reason.
    2. Accident, incident, Police or ER report specifying the details of the said incident
    3. Payment proof for all the claimed expenses
    4. Documentation stating either received or expected settlement, refunds, credits for this loss from the opposite party
    5. Invoice of the trip or the confirmation mentioning all the required details of the trip (airline tickets, reservation numbers, the value of claimed trip component)


    Now that you know when and how to make a travel insurance claims, trust us, you won’t go wrong with the procedure. Whether you want to opt for travel insurance for senior citizens or for a young adult, read the travel insurance reviews in order to make informed decisions. A travel insurance policy is a perfect combo that includes multiple covers for hospitalization, loss of baggage, and so forth. Therefore, invest in travel insurance wisely by keeping this guide on travel insurance claims in mind.