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  • Sunday, April, 2024| Today's Market | Current Time: 02:10:21
  •  Delhi: With the holiday season approaching soon, people like to travel around, either going to visit their parents or friends in another city, for business trips or just traveling around to discover some new spots in the country. inDrive.Outstation is dedicated to organizing intercity trips in a fast and fair way, where passengers can set their own price for a trip.

    There are also some directions that appear to jump in demand during the festival season, according to inDrive statistics. For example, in 2022, there was a 3X increase in orders from Delhi to Lucknow and Delhi to Chandigarh. Twice as more orders were made from Delhi to Kanpur, and 2.5 growth – from Delhi to Chandigarh.  In India, festivals are a time for family reunions and celebrations.

    With InDrive.Outstation, people can discover hundreds of intercity routes, choose a verified driver and offer their own fare.

    “inDrive.Outstation enables such comfort and safe travels between cities and for long distances during the holiday season and the rest of the year. Opportunities to unite with family or have a relaxed holiday in a new place comes with a unique ‘set your own price’ model. The passenger offers the price first and drivers can either accept or negotiate it. The passenger can choose a ride based on fare, driver rating, and the type of car they would like to travel in” said Pavit Nanda Anand, South Asia PR Manager.

    “inDrive.Outstation is expanding in India because of our unique model – Firstly, our passengers can set their own price. Second, we offer wide coverage that is not limited to public transport hubs. Third, going by car is usually much more comfortable than taking an overcrowded bus or train, especially for long trips. Moreover, you don’t need to go to the train or the bus station; instead you can opt for door-to-door service, saving your time and even money. Our service helps you to stay flexible: you don’t need to follow any time schedules and you can decide when to go” said Aakar Kumar, South Asia Business Development Specialist, inDrive.Outstation

    The service offers:

    ●        Ease of use: It’s very similar to a city trip when a user orders a driver to take them from point A to point B. Users can plan and book a trip via the inDrive app or do it on their laptops or PCs through the inDrive.Outstation web version: English Website  Hindi Website.

    ●        Safety: When registering, all drivers mandatory go through a verification process, and their documents are checked. The rating and feedback system allows users to choose the driver based on the previous riders’ experience.

    ●        Flexibility: There is no need to plan your trip according timetables, you can order a car whenever you want

    ●        Door-to-door travels: Provides comfortable alternatives to the passengers and drivers to choose from. inDrive.Outstation offers long rides but with comfort and ease, as the ride will start from the point chosen by the passenger and provides the passenger the freedom to plan trips precisely when they need it

    ●        Send parcels to another city: inDrive.Outstation not only enables long trips but allows users to send parcels to another city. It’s a fast, convenient, and safe option for parcel delivery.

    Currently, inDrive.Outstation covers a huge number of cities and localities: for example Delhi, Chandigarh, Kolkata, Chennai and many more, in India you can reach any part of the country, as inDrive.Outstation covers 1000+ cities and towns.


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