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  • Sunday, April, 2023| Today's Market | Current Time: 05:39:12
  • White Christmas is another beautiful way to celebrate Christmas. What better than celebrating it at a place where it is celebrated with full zeal and enthusiasm? If you want to enjoy your trip without worrying about the money, we have a good news. The new player in the market – SanKash, which is a synonym to “Money for Travel”, is here to sort your Travel finances! With SanKash by your side, you will be able to travel to all your dream destinations. Just convert your cost into easy EMIs at no additional cost for up to 6 months.  Now that you have an answer to your worries, below is a list of popular countries that celebrate the Christmas at grounds covered by snow.

    1-            Belgium- Despite being a small country it celebrates Christmas with full swing. Along with Christmas markets there are many fun outdoor activities like ice skating, skiing, and scenic walks through frost-covered nature. Apart from this it also has great fashion-sense, great food and modern architecture.

    2-            Alaska- What better way to celebrate the festival at North Pole wherein the Santa himself lives. Apart from reindeer ride, there are multiple ice events that you can be part of. The town loves holidays and thus the homes are decorated with the most beautiful chritsmas lights.

    3-            Copenhagen, Denmark- A perfect town with charming old streets and colourful buildings, Copenhagen is a perfect place to celebrate white Christmas. The major highlights include annual lighting of Copenhagen Christmas tree, Tivoli Gardens and Glogg ( A Swedish drink with a mix of spices , almonds and raisins with a base of red wine).

    4-            Zermatt, Switzerland- We are sure you were not aware of this place. If you are planning to surround yourself with white landscapes and holiday cheer this place should be on your bucket list. Oh and guess what the villages are car-free and the pedestrians can enjoy the walk.


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