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  • Tree Plantation: Trends to watch in 2020

    Published on November 19, 2019

    By Dr Manoj Sharma, BAMS and Founder of Green Bharat

     Our Luxurious ecosystem must not perish. It is the place where forest animals, including elephants, rhinos, and tigers, live together side by side. Life is not possible without plants and trees. Trees have many advantages for us which we should not forget while cutting them. Please do not destroy the homeland for many wild animals. Human activities have made them almost extinct. Forests and trees have given employment to around 350 million of the world’s poorest people.

     As we know “Trees exhale for us so that we can inhale them to stay alive. Can we ever forget that? Let us love trees with every breath we take until we perish.” But today it is dying because of social practices. But still there are hopes, the ecosystem is not lost, and these deep wounds can also get healed up. Activists of Green Bharat want to plant more than 100,000 seedlings of trees in the next coming years.

    Now 500 hectares of land will come back with greenery in the coming future. In the initiative by Green Bharat, saplings of trees will be planted alongside the road. Dr. Manoj Sharma will be giving a short speech and then distribute those saplings among people to take the initiative. For the future, it is essential to plant a tree and maintain whatever has been planted.

    The primary objective to plant these saplings is to activate the young generation to preserve and protect nature. Green Bharat has encouraged people and youth to stop blaming the government for all the problems that are happening. People are themselves not aware of what they are doing. Youth must take charge and then ensure to come as an ensured citizen. They must actively perform their job to make India green and clear.

    A person must realize lessons of the past that would help to shape their future tree scope, according to me (Dr. Manoj Sharma). We are trying to perform well to take over observations than on any other sophisticated criteria. With this, there must be a way to express values for the trees that contribute to our lives. Now after tree plantation, our primary focus will be on how to use a tree and the types which are essential to be seen. In urban areas, tree plantation can be done in city parks.

    However, the combination of socio-economic and political progress has reduced deforestation in recent years. Green Bharat is making efforts to support India to turn over deforestation into the restoration of forests.

    It is for sure that proper management in plantation can help meet the needs of projected future wood products. It helps to ensure the conservation of forests. Around 4 billion cubic meters of the wood got harvested in the whole world last year. Tropics have gone under degradation. Tree plantation will be in a way that is likely to play a functional role in the wood market in the future. It will fulfil the demands for paper needs. The part of present youth is a must in the future tree plantation ways. Green Bharat Organisation works on this matter. We let people interact with us to save our environment. Future initiatives depend upon the present situation and the minds of people.

    The primary point about a future plantation that our company is focusing on is to reduce deforestation. As per the previous year’s records, it has been out that deforestation is the degradation of an ecosystem, which leads to the diminishing of forests and water availability. Also, it leads to a reduction in food security, especially for poor people. Thus if there is a significant reduction of deforestation, then it might be a high end to hunger and thus helps in upbringing stability. Initiatives start from today and now itself. It depends on how people react to such matters to retain everything as it was before.

    So, in last why Green Bharat, as we know there’s a lot of power in a rough estimate but here’s the thing: Usually you don’t need an exact answer in order to make the right decision. So, if everyone on India only (as November 2019 Population of India is close to 1.37 billion) planted a tree—all 1.37 billion of us—how much carbon dioxide would it pull out of the air? My answer, based on some very rough assumptions, was that it could cut atmospheric COlevels by around 1 percent and if we talk about world, as November 2019 Population of world is close to 7.7 billion so that it could cut atmospheric COlevels by around 6 percent.

    Of course, 1.37 billion and 7.5 billion was a fanciful number. And planting that many trees has its own complications, such as where the land is and how it was used before. But what about 20 million? Yes, we can do that, and for carbon reduction, every contribution matter. That’s the aim of the #Team Green Bharat—to plant 100,000 new trees. And you can help.