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  • Tuesday, May, 2022| Today's Market | Current Time: 11:34:47
  • 3rd May 2021 was the doomsday for Rana Lincoln Das. At 5.30 PM Dr. David Lincoln was lost to eternity due to a short ailment leaving Rana in a big shock. One of the internationally renowned NLP trainers Dr. Lincoln was Rana’s greatest support. 

    Rana was mentored and taught by his grandfather from a very early stage in life. Dr David was the whole world for Rana.

     Ranging from his school etiquettes to teenage goof-ups and career developments, every detail of Rana’s personality is curated by his grandfather. Dr. Lincoln was like a strong pillar in his personality mansion. 

    Though Dr. Lincoln left creating a void in Rana’s life, Rana was taught by the same Dr. Lincoln to deal with adversities and help others learn to deal with the same through NLP training.

     After graduation, Rana chose NLP as his first choice due to the influence of his grandfather. Training under him and later 

    taking over the firm as its CEO, Rana learnt a lot from Dr. Lincoln and NLP. 

    It’s a wide-known fact that Dr. Lincoln was Rana’s mammoth foundation and how it could lead a normal individual to depression. But Rana being firmly grounded, instead of shaking up, supporting others in the time of calamity, shows that yes, Rana was well trained to become an emotionally strong and matured human being!

    “The sad demise of Dr. Lincoln has created a trough in my life, but yes, also an opportunity to deal with a different mindset, when you lose something precious!”, says Rana. Even his departure is a learning for Rana. 

    “He is not gone. He is everywhere around me. Through his teachings, his memories and his Love”, Says Rana Lincoln Das.


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