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  • Tuesday, September, 2023| Today's Market | Current Time: 07:56:54
  • Typically, the crypto-verse is known for its complicated and speculative approach. When crypto was experiencing its all-time high favoritism across the globe, the travel sector was continuing to pay the toll of covid-19 effects. In the post-covid situation, when the travel industry was gradually recovering, people were looking for something out-of-the-box and exciting in the travel space.

    Identifying this unique requirement of global travel aficionados, Jeremy Foo, a young S’porean serial entrepreneur, came up with an all-new idea – with his venture TripCandy, he created an unusual link between the crypto-verse and travel space.

    This unique concept revolves around the objective of managing the risk factors and barriers to crypto investment while awarding users a hassle-free flight and accommodation booking experience.

    TripCandy – How does it work?

    Put simply, TripCandy allows people to book their flights and hotels across the globe using crypto. You can use crypto to book your travel using TripCandy’s portal, and against your reservation, you may earn rewards like cashback in the form of crypto.

    “Turning travel experience into crypto investments” – The slogan of TripCandy.

    TripCandy is built on Binance smart chain, and it has already issued its $Candy token. The platform works with renowned partners like Booking.com, Agoda and Expedia. For every booking you make on any of its partnering platforms, a percentage of the total sale returns to you in the form of $Candy tokens. It helps you to grow your token over time, paving the way to develop a sustainable global crypto economy chain.

    It won’t be an exaggeration that TripCandy has proposed a marriage between traveling experience and blockchain technology. TripCandy strives to spread the fun-filled colors of travel to the world of crypto investment by making it fun, safe, and simple.

    Jeremy Foo, the CEO and Founder of TripCandy, believes that by blending travel with crypto, things will look more exciting – just like booking a trip. Additionally, when you save a percentage of your travel expenditures in the form of crypto, you don’t have a fear of losing something that you can’t afford to lose. Furthermore, TripCandy helps reduce the complex barrier of entering the world of crypto by omitting those complex technical channels of investments.

    According to Jeremy, leaders always do great things with a well-built team, and they are always led by example. He believes that being well connected with the team helps develop a robust mutual understanding which renders a secure feel of experiencing both victories and falls together.

    In the words of Jeremy – “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” Indeed, Jeremy is leading TripCandy’s journey responsibly, and investors across the globe have shown their trust in this techpreneur by allowing TripCandy to raise $1 Million recently. TripCandy has listed its name as one of the top 3 crypto travel projects in the globe.

     Turning Around…

    A few months back, the crypto asset classes witnessed a huge dip. TripCandy was a recently listed token then, and being correlated with the overall crypto market; its price plunged heavily. A lot of pressure was coming on Jeremy as the community was demanding aggressive marketing of the token so that more investors would buy up its price.

    The scenario was probably the most challenging one for Jeremy as he and his team were vigorously being pressured of doing not enough in terms of marketing. Jeremy took on this challenge courageously, and he allowed his knowledge to take the call. He decided to hold back on marketing, and his confident and firm approach helped his team to hang on tight.

    When the time of difficulty had passed, Jeremy’s decision was proved to be the right one. Unlike other projects that were marketing aggressively, TripCandy didn’t run out of funds, and it grew substantially – around 800%, which left the entire TripCandy community overwhelmed with joy.

    Gradually, people are becoming fond of the concept of traveling with crypto, and this is fueling the success of TripCandy. The TripCandy team wants this tokenomics to be recognized as the go-to brand for traveling with crypto. The brand strives to make crypto user-friendly and spread the essence of crypto favoritism across the globe.

    In a one-liner, TripCandy aspires to make the investment experience for their users as exciting as a trip and as sweet as candy!


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