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  • Triton EV and Thalamus Irwine have joined forces to create India’s Autonomous Electric Future

    Published on October 15, 2021

    Delhi: Thalamus Irwine, a well recognized Artificial Intelligence with its roots in India has partnered with New Jersey Headquartered Electric Vehicle Manufacturer – Triton EV to fast track India’s Autonomous Future. 

    The MOU signed by two firms outlines a three-phase strategy that will see Thalamus Irwine and Triton roll out AI systems over a three year period that will see Thalamus Irwine’s AI technology deployed into Triton’s Electric Vehicles. 

    Triton EV has recently announced Rs 2,100 Cr investment into Telangana State and has received a purchase order for USD 2.4 Billion worth of purchase orders for vehicles. As per the MOU, this will See Thalamus Irwine’s AI systems rolled out into the upcoming fleet of entire Triton EV  vehicles including Passenger EVs, commercial EVs as well as Triton’s defence portfolio of vehicles. 

    Thalamus Irwine was in the news recently and announced as the Partner for National Digital Health Mission by the Ministry of Telecom’s Public Sector Undertaking ITI  for its work on Blockchain Network Technologies. Thalamus is credited with leading India towards blockchain dominance by making it one of the first nations to store Medical Data on a Blockchain network,  The India based firm is also credited with establishing India’s first  AI-driven Covid testing Facility at the Indira Gandi International Airport which has helped clear bottlenecks and tests thousands of passengers within minutes. 

    Mr. Himanshu Patel Chairman and MD of Triton EV and Mr. Rishabh Sharma CEO of Thalamus Irwine are recognized as experts of their respective fields have been sponsored by NITI Ayoog for their contribution towards bringing cutting edge Tech to India. This collaboration marks a huge step for the Make in India movement.

    Mr. Himanshu B Patel said, “We are excited to be associated with Thalamus Irwine because we know the relevance and importance of advanced technologies such as AI, smart mobility and cleantech for the modern world. We are confident that this tie-up will bring great success stories of Autonomous EVs from India. At Triton, We are committed to serving best in class technologies for next-gen smart EVs which could really add value in the ecosystem of clean energy and efficient mobility.” 

    “The application of AI will be crucial for every category of EVs that Triton is producing. This includes passenger and commercial vehicles as well as the specially designed automated EVs for defence,” added Mr Patel.

    The beauty of integrating AI and embedding at an Architectural level is that it allows for the Electric Vehicle to become a thinking evolving sophisticated machine. The possibilities become endless. We are excited about collaborating with Thalamus because for Trident,  Artificial Intelligence was not an afterthought but rather a central pillar in how we are designing our Technology Stack.  We want to use Artificial Intelligence as the core driving factor in how the Vehicle, behaves thinks and integrates with the driving experience. 

    Nimble and innovation-centric company culture is necessary for breakthroughs in AI innovation, Mr Sharma said, “They ( Trident ) want to take risks and bold steps in embracing AI, The nimbleness of Trident, allows for Rapid Prototyping, testing and integration which Fastracks innovation. This is the same reason that the company’s battery technology has evolved exponentially rather than linearly. “

    Thalamus Irwine’s AI systems will enable Trident Vehicles to predict potential hazards or threats and suggest or even take control of the vehicle for a split second to avoid accidents and hazards. Trident wants to focus on Safety as a key focus so the Artificial Intelligence can engage and support emergency steering/hazardous driving conditions (weather/road condition) support during acute events such as hydroplaning, sliding, fishtailing, or other moments of loss of control to support regaining control of the vehicle.

    Since Trident has focussed heavily on the Logistics Industry, Thalamus will be integrating It’s AI superstructures into all Triton heavy lift logistics vehicles. Trident is looking to provide superior transparency to it’s corporate clients, so the AI system will come with human capital and vehicle management system that measures, tracks, optimizes, and informs of the health and operational readiness of drivers and vehicular assets.  Imagine a Vehicle that would immediately become aware if the Driver has started to fall asleep. These are the capabilities that will set Trident apart.