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    TRUST Asset Management announces the launch of TRUSTMF Liquid Fund

    Published on April 6, 2021

    • NFO opens on 08th April 2021 and closes on 22nd April 2021
    • Differentiated investment approach with investments only in short term papers issued by companies rated AAA on the longer term scale
    • Unique Investme    nt methodology, in strategic knowledge partnership with CRISIL
    • Scheme rating – Provisional [ICRA]A1+mfs**

    TRUST Asset Management Company today announced the launch of its New Fund Offer (NFO) – the TRUSTMF Liquid Fund@. It is an open-ended liquid fund predominantly investing in debt & money market instruments. The NFO will be open for subscription from 08th April 2021 to 22nd April 2021 and will be managed by Anand Nevatia, Fund Manager, TRUST Mutual Fund. This is the second launch from TRUST Mutual Fund with its maiden NFO of TRUSTMF Banking & PSU Debt Fund in January 2021, receiving an overwhelming response with an opening AUM of Rs. 580.24 crores#.

    The TRUSTMF Liquid Fund will follow a structured investment approach backed by unique met    methodology, with the objective of delivering consistent risk-adjusted returns. The robust methodology has been developed in collaboration with CRISIL$, the knowledge partner for initial debt schemes of TRUST Mutual Fund. The methodology will assist the fund management team in:

    • Defining a high-quality investible universe of issuers with focus on long term ratings
    • Creating a model portfolio with broad-based weights on outstanding amounts
    • Portfolio construction using model portfolio as the guiding framework
    • Portfolio optimization with    methodology
    • Portfolio laddering across maturity buckets along with segmental allocations

    TRUSTMF Liquid Fund is another innovative offering from TRUST Mutual Fund which focuses on building a safe and liquid portfolio for its investors.

    Sandeep Bagla, CEO, TRUST Mutual Fund said, “At TRUST Mutual Fund, we believe in coming out with differentiated and relevant solutions for our investors. TRUSTMF Liquid Fund will invest only in those select companies’ papers, whose long term rating is high and stable as well. Not all companies with highest short term rating enjoy high ratings on the long term rating scale.”

    Anand Nevatia, Fund Manager of TRUST Liquid Fund said, “We will be creating a portfolio with weights based on outstanding issuance amounts, consisting of highest rated issuers with high liquidity. Our liquidity will be high as portfolio liquidity depends on credit quality & liquidity of its investments and not on the size of the portfolio.”