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  • Trust Ayurveda to increase immunity! – Atul Malikram, Ayurved Practitioner

    Published on April 1, 2020

    The corona virus wave has swept the world. Scientists and medical practitioners all over have been trying to develop a cure for this virus but all in vain. New vaccines are currently being tested; while the world awaits a cure among its newly found reality. India also faces the same situation with the number of people infected increases day by day. At such times it is important for us to be very cautious in order to stay protected.

    A few days back, the numbers were low but the progression of the virus has now quickly engulfed a lot of people in almost all states owing to which honorary Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a complete lockdown for 21 days till 14th April. WHO officials have praised India’s efforts in dealing with the pandemic. They have acknowledged that the way India is taking action against corona viruses is a commendable step and they hope that the way India took the initiative to eliminate the last two pandemics from their country, including Small pox and Polio, similarly India will find an unerring way to deal with corona virus.

    Being an Indian, I completely agree with WHO estimate. India has attracted the world on the basis of its culture and civilization for thousands of years. We were once world leaders. India has a distinguished place in the world for its simple yet disciplined way of living. We have taught the virtue of collecting intellectual, artistic and political knowledge in our soul and body along with our religious scriptures or gurus or yogic religious traditions. Today, to avoid this epidemic, we are being told to wash hands. We are being advised to keep cleanliness. Instead of shaking hands, a request is being made to join hands. I believe that all these rights are given to us from childhood; we have been following these from the very beginning.

    As the world progressed, we also made changes to our lifestyle accordingly. We adapted to the modern way of living but that doesn’t mean that we have forgotten our old profound way of life. There are so many challenges that we are currently facing and today the nation stands as one; as this problem is above the religious divides and social stigmas. This is beyond our cry for discrimination and color of our skin or any elite privileges. Today’s scenario poses a bigger question in front of us; it’s about our health and immunity. It is about our innate strength to ward off any viral/bacterial infections. People with low immunity can easily contract the disease. Therefore, I want to give a free advice that you can increase your immunity by believing in Ayurveda and this is included in our Indian civilization in the same way as washing hands, keeping clean and saying hello etc. It has been proved long ago that Amla, Giloy, Shilajit and other such herbs strengthen our immunity. Many well-known doctors of Ayurveda suggest using Amla, Neem, Tulsi and other Ayurvedic herbs to ward off infections.

    “Being a profound scholar of the last few years and Vedas, I can say this with the claim that Ayurveda and Ayurvedic herbs have the ability to keep away from every body of the world, not just the corona”.

    In my opinion, a simple way to avoid contracting the virus can be to avoid eating cold foods or drinks. The disease affects our respiratory system and attacks our lungs. Patients have difficulty in breathing and have high fever. Hence it would be easier to avoid catching common cold if we just refrain from consuming cold goods. Instead, try and drink lukewarm water. Doctors also advise us to avoid cold water during common cold, but I would say from my experience that in this era of virus, you should drink not only lukewarm water but lukewarm detox water.

    If you drink a little detox or lukewarm water, it will probably be better as it boosts immunity and increases energy levels.

    You can also add a hint of mint leaves; a large cardamom or cloves in water. It will definitely be a bit difficult considering the spices would taste awkward in water but yes I am sure this will bring certain benefits to your health.

    You can also detox the water with basil leaves. Basil leaves have plenty of advantages like their anti-inflammatory properties, detoxification, fighting free radical activity, support digestion etc.

    Atul Malikram Says , If you feel any hesitation or do not like to mix all this in water, then increase the quantity of hot spices in your food. Using hot spices can be beneficial because hot spices contain all the things that maintain the body temperature; improve metabolism; combat inflammation.Another thing is that the reason why mucus accumulates in our body is due to Vitamin C. If we have any problem like mucus or cold; it is due to lack of vitamin C in our body. Vitamin C is crucial for our body as it helps in strengthening our immune system. It not only cures common cold but also benefits our skin by making collagen. Consumption of Vitamin C rich foods like lime, oranges, gooseberry (amla) is always recommended.

    Apart from all these things, I have been following one thing since childhood that if you eat turmeric milk and four almonds every day, you will be immune to many infections. Turmeric has powerful medicinal properties. It acts as an antioxidant and possesses anti-inflammatory compounds and helps fight chronic infections.

    In the end, it all comes to us a choice; whether to eat healthy and practice simple living for a long healthy life or to avoid health and make money to later pay hospital bills.