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    Trust is The First & Foremost Requirement Of Any Brand- Proves GKW Retail

    Published on December 10, 2021

    A house without furniture is as unrealistic as a bride without jewellery. Furniture is the accessory of a house which completes all its necessities and also complements to its beauty. A well-furnished furniture does not only enhance the style of your house but also makes it a heart-warming place.

     It feels so unappealing to think of a house where you need to arrange and adjust things every time you add in something new. On the other hand, a house having well designed furniture makes it more easy for you to fit in extra things anytime!

    And when we talk about luxurious furniture online the first name that appears in the list is GKW Retail Solutions Private Limited. It is one of the ISO 9001-2015 certified companies with mechanised Furniture.

    The establishment of the company goes back to 1996 . The CEO Mr Girish Kumar Sharma laid the foundation of the company in New Delhi, India.

    When it comes to shopping multiple things, everyone searches a one-stop shop that would offer them multiple choices. GKW Retail provides you with a wide range of quality wooden furniture, household equipment usually made of wood, metal, stainless steel, galvanised iron, aluminium, stone work and glass. Each and everything that you imagine in your house is available here.

    Currently, Mr Shreesh Sharma & Siddharth Sharma holds way over the entire company on behalf of their father Mr Girish Kumar Sharma. Success comes with persistence and a strong self-commitment to achieve your goals. Their hard work and smart methods have helped them gain customer’s trust, thus making their company’s name a worldwide brand.

    Everything in this world starting from technology to machinery is going through transformations over the unfolding days. Thus , it becomes impossible to stick to the old traditions of furniture. Therefore, Sharma brothers went beyond the corners of the country to embed their furniture with the latest trendy features. They offer vast and varied collections of furnishing accessories coming from the entire world including Japan, Australia, Turkey, & China.

    GKW Retail if offering wide range of sofa set, bed room furniture, living room furniture, bean bags, home furniture & office furniture along with completing all demands of retail market.

    Their brand is remarkable for the elite luxury designs with woodwork, powder coating, liquid paint booth, vacuum foaming. All these features have made the brand most favourite furniture brand of the people.

    Not only the designs give you innumerable  choices but also the ranges are pocket friendly. ‘A furniture that is suitable for both your present and future.’

    Now it is evident that this brand stood ; with no exaggeration, for receiving the award of POPAI OMA Award for consecutive 5 years straight. The quality of the commodities that we buy matter a lot for determining their longevity. Sharma brothers thus never compromise with the quality of material they use . Thus, making their brand more authentic and appealing.

    GKW Retail Solutions Private Limited always has its door opens for its customers. You can also shop from their online site shop.gkwretail.com. They are offering huge discounts and free delivery to all Indian Postal codes.


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