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Tummoc and Delhi Government Unveils Groundbreaking All-in-One Ticket Solution

 New Delhi  – Tummoc, in a collaborative effort with the Delhi Transport Department (DTD), Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC), Delhi Integrated Multi-Modal Transit System (DIMTS), Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC), and WRI India, launched a transformative mobility solution this month – the All-in-One Ticket.

STAMP is an initiative led by Toyota Mobility Foundation and WRI India to promote better multimodal integration of metro rail, with other modes of transportation in Indian cities, through a partnership model with the innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem. In the STAMP Challenge for Delhi in 2022, Tummoc was a winning team, out of 70 teams, allowing them to build this solution for Delhi.

Tummoc’s latest innovation, the All-in-One Ticket, is a comprehensive digital solution that seamlessly integrates multiple modes of transit, covering metro rides, first and last-mile connectivity, and DTC buses. This collaborative effort between Tummoc, DTD, DTC, DIMTS, DMRC, Toyota Mobility Foundation and WRI India aims to simplify and enhance the urban commuting experience.

Earlier this year, Tummoc introduced the ability to book DTC bus tickets, access live bus tracking, and book direct rides such as autos and cabs. The All-in-One Ticket takes this commitment to convenience a step further, providing Delhiites with a single platform for:

– Booking DTC Bus Tickets and Passes

– Live Tracking of DTC Buses

– Online Booking of Delhi Metro (DMRC) Tickets

– All-in-One Tickets for Multimodal Transit

– Booking Autos and Cabs

– Outstation Bus Ticket Reservations

In collaboration with Tummoc, the Delhi Government, along with DTC, DMRC, DIMTS, Toyota Mobility Foundation and WRI India, envisions a digital ecosystem that not only aligns with its visionary goals but also sets new standards for intelligent, user-centric travel solutions. This collaboration reflects a shared commitment to revolutionize daily travel in Delhi, leveraging cutting-edge innovations.

Tummoc and its collaborative partners are excited about this revolutionary mobility solution, marking a significant leap forward in the evolution of urban transit in Delhi.

Speaking on the collaboration, Hiranmay Mallick, CEO & Co-Founder, Tummoc, said,  “The launch of the All-in-One Ticket marks a significant milestone in our mission to establish Tummoc as the ultimate travel application. This collaborative effort underscores our commitment to delivering seamless and user-friendly mobility solutions to the residents of Delhi. We’re looking forward to collecting feedback from travellers in Delhi after they test out these new features. And we look forward to officially launching this project soon.”

Shilpa Shinde, MD, DTC Government of Delhi, said: “DTC is excited to launch another digital solution for the commuters of Delhi and to be a part of the All-in-One ticket initiative. We look forward to the response from travellers and to launching other such digital initiatives in the future.”

Pawan Mulukutla, Executive Program Director – Integrated Transport, Clean Air & Hydrogen, WRI India: “As we strive to create a more sustainable and efficient urban mobility landscape, our collaboration with Delhi’s transport stakeholders under the STAMP initiative reflected WRI India’s focus on advancing accessible and data-driven solutions for the benefit of Delhi’s residents.”

[DMRC Representative]: “The integration of DMRC ticketing combined with the All-in-One Ticket into Tummoc’s platform is a step towards a more connected and streamlined urban transit experience. We are excited about the feedback we receive and the possibilities this collaboration presents for the residents of Delhi.”

Testing Phase Disclaimer: These features are currently live on the app on a testing basis. The Department of Transport for Delhi, DTC, DMRC, WRI, and Tummoc are keen on users testing out these new features and providing them with feedback. This testing phase has been implemented so that the app can be optimized for a better user experience by the time the project is officially launched.

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