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Tuning into the Corporate Culture

Have you ever wondered about the environment you will be entering when you accept that job offer? This may sound like an awfully strange question but is a very valid one. Within the stonewalls of a corporate building is a way of doing things which may be totally different from what another company does. You’ll find out rather quickly the first few weeks there is a certain way of doing things, expected way of behavior, and even a personal appearance you are expected to have. It is known as the corporate culture. A large portion of every day during the work week you will be interacting within this artificial construct way of life.

Corporate Culture and Ethics Will Vary

There is no one set atmosphere in an office environment. The Indian Ministry of External Affairs has a hierarchical structure, it will give more credit to work ethic and results. Some corporate cultures can be surprising. Deloitte is a well-known international audit and tax consulting firm. It gets high marks for being both supportive and a fun environment. 

The dress codes can be very dissimilar. Corporations such as financial institutions may ask for formal business attire, and the same can be said for legal firms. However, dressing formally may not mean that things are rigid in the office. Some very well-known international firms in India don’t even have cubicles but open workspaces. Teamwork may be a very important part of the environment.

What Does This Mean to You?

You can expect to be asked questions that are intended to determine if you fit into the working environment. At the same time, however, you need to remember this is a two-way street. You have to look at the prospective employer and determine whether or not you would enjoy working there. When you are looking for an opportunity at fresher job alerts, it is absolutely true that the last thing you want is a small cubicle where you are miserable, even though you might be getting decent wages. 

Your preparation for the interview should be in finding out what you can about the everyday life in the given company. You can ask graduates who are already working there about their opinion, but that is the old school way of doing it. Social media provides an opportunity to get to know the inside of a company. 

Many corporations have Instagram and/or Pinterest accounts where pictures of the work environment and the employees are shown on a routine basis. This gives an idea of how the workspaces are set up, and how employees dress on a routine basis. Companies might also have YouTube clips where employees explain life in the working hours. Granted, few people are going to criticize their employer. Glassdoor.com is a website that posts reviews of employees. These are confidential, so some of them are extremely honest. They can give you an inside story about the company you are going to be interviewing with.

A good corporate culture is a mixture of hard work and happiness. Everyone has a desire to feel valued and challenged at the same time. A benefit of working in a good corporate culture is less stress on the job. There’s also a supportive atmosphere, and the feeling that everyone is looking out for everybody else in some way. You have to determine what type of culture would allow you to put forth your best effort, and have an enjoyable time doing it. Just a little research can help you uncover that.

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