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Turning Fanny Packs into Fun Promotional Giveaways

Fanny packs were trending in the 1990s, and many no longer see them as valuable. However, they are extremely useful in many situations. Athletes use them to store small things while working out, and vacationers find them helpful while at theme parks. They carry personal belongings close to the body without worrying about thieves pick-pocketing items. Now, they are available in many trendy styles, so it is important to know what to look for when you are offering them as promotional items.

Modern and Functional

It is important to remember that the fanny packs offered today are not the same as the ones we all wore back in the 1990s. Today’s styles come with functionality built-in and are attractive. When shopping for the perfect product, keep your target audience in mind. Runners will need something slim, but travelers will need a way to organize several items safely. You will find packs that have pockets designed for keys and earbuds. Other styles are clear and perfect for people who need transparent options for stadiums, theme parks, or other security-enforced areas. Finally, you can find styles that offer a place to store water bottles if you are catering to a health-minded audience.

Variety of Sizes

The key to a successful promotional product is meeting the needs of your target audience. When you are selecting fanny packs, you will want to keep the size in mind. Here are a few ways to keep this in mind:

Variety of Colors

The biggest decision you will be faced when purchasing fanny packs is what color you want to go with. While black or neutral works for most, there are other options available. Remember, these items are fully customizable. Another option is to select several colors and let people choose which bag they want when at an expo. Simply keep your audience in mind and what they would normally buy or wear.

Safety Options

While selecting which product you want to purchase, keep your targeted audience’s safety in mind. Here are a few safety features to consider:

Giveaway Options

When you are offering promotional products to potential customers, you will want to keep lead generation in the back of your mind. Fanny packs offer you the ability to fill them with items and raffle them off for the price of information. Having people receive tickets in exchange for their name, email, and phone number will give you leads that you can follow up on later and see if you can turn them into clients. Here are a few ideas for giveaway bags:

Whatever you end up deciding to go with, make sure you brand it and have fun with it. These are no longer items that have to be tacky. You just need to be creative and think about your audience.

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