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  • TUV Rheinland Japan Ltd. Starts “EU Personal Data Protection Certification Service” in Japan, Issuing the First Certificate to Lexues Inc.

    Published on November 1, 2010

    Japan : As part of its certification service, TUV Rheinland Japan Ltd. has started the “EU Personal Data Protection Certification Service” in Japan. This service assesses the implementation of technical and organizational protection measures when personal data is transferred from an EU country to a third country outside of the EU territory in order to be processed. Lexues Inc. was the first company to receive a TUV Rheinland certification in Japan.

    Directive 95/46/EC states that in case the personal data collected by a data controller in an EU member state is to be transferred to a third country outside of the EU territory for processing, that transfer can only take place if the third country ensures an adequate level of protection. Many non-EU member state countries, including Japan, are not considered to have adequate protection measures. Therefore, when personal data is to be transferred to such countries, the data controller in the EU member state must confirm and ensure the implementation of protection measures among all organizations that are involved in transferring and processing of personal data.

    TUV Rheinland’s EU personal data protection certification service allows you to effectively and objectively confirm that an organization involved in processing EU personal data has adequate protection measures that comply with applicable requirements from the EU directive and the national legislation of an EU member state. Being assessed and certified by a third party organization like TUV Rheinland, not only improves the brand image on the market but also gives you a competitive advantage and raises reliability.

    Lexues Inc’s secure data transfer and storage service is a client / server type system that safely transfers and stores personal data by tallying the original data with a secret sharing technology that was originally developed by Global Friendship Inc. This service uses GFI’s Electronic Tally library. The protection measures of this service provision were confirmed to comply with applicable requirements.