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  • Tuesday, July, 2021| Today's Market | Current Time: 02:22:44
  • Many bookmakers offer both existing and new players different bonuses to attract and reward them. Although these bonuses are given different names, they are generally grouped into three main bonus types. These are free bet bonuses, money back, and cash signup bonuses. 

    When it comes to bonus offers, the first thing you must understand is that each of the bonuses has wagering requirements. Therefore, players must review the terms and conditions associated with an offer before claiming it. 

    You can find a mouthwatering bonus list for Japanese player on this page. Let us look at the details of each of the bonuses that you can explore in sports betting.

    Free Bet Bonus

    This type of bonus is given on a specific deposit amount in advance. How does it work? When you deposit on a betting site, you get to place a free bet on a specific outcome of a game. If your bet wins, you will get a net winning from your bet but if it loses, you lose nothing. 

    As with other types of bonuses, free bets also come with wagering requirements. You should check this out before you claim the bonus offer.

    Money Back

    This is also called a win-win bet. It is another well-known bonus in sports betting. How does this work? Players can bet on a specific amount and if you lose, the bookmaker returns your money. This type of bonus does not have a direct wagering requirement. 

    However, it has some nuances attached to it. For instance, your money may be returned as free bets, which come with specific requirements as highlighted above. 

    Cash Signup Bonus

    This bonus is attached to your first deposit and it is only offered to new players on a bookmaker’s platform. The signup bonus can be as much as 100% up to a certain amount. For instance, if you deposit $100 and you have a 100% up to $100 offer on the deposit, then you get a total of $200 for your betting activities. 

    This is made up of the $100 original deposit and the $100 bonus. You should check the wagering requirements for a cash signup bonus before you accept it. Sometimes, it looks so juicy on the surface but when you get to the wagering requirements, the offer is worth nothing.

    Other Sports Betting Bonuses

    Apart from the three main bonuses, some bookmakers also offer special promotions, which are associated with big tournaments, events, and so on. For these promotions, bookmakers usually hold different competitions, such as the highest odds of winning parlay, and the best forecast, among others. 

    Some bookies also offer bonus points that are offered to players when they make bets. These bonus points can be exchanged for money or other prizes.


    Bonus offers are given by bookmakers to attract new players and retain existing customers. Getting these offers can be exciting because they are mostly free money. However, they are not always free in the real sense of the word.

    It is always a smart idea to check the wagering requirements and other terms and conditions associated with any promo offer before your claim them.