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  • Noida Uflex Booth atIndiaPlast 2019 captivated the attention of exhibitors, customers and visitors by showcasing a mix of innovative launches and proven products from its various businesses. The 5 day exhibition held at IndiaExpo Centre in Greater Noida was inaugurated onFeb 28 2019 in the presence of Amitabh Kant, CEO, Niti Aayog and Ashok Chaturvedi, CMD, Uflex amongst other dignitaries and concluded today.

    Amongst the array of revolutionary products on display from Uflex, what became the centre of interest at IndiaExpo was a Live Demonstration of Uflex Recycling Machine at the Green Pavilion of PMMAI. The pavillion showed how Multi-layer Packaging (MLP) Waste is recycled into pellets through a fairly simple method.The subsequent process of pellets being manufactured into useful Industrial & Household Products was showcased simultaneously. Essential products manufactured from recycled pellets like benches, floor and wall tiles, ladder etc. were displayed at the booth highlighting how multi-layer plastic waste can not only be recycled, but also re-used.

    Uflex will be sharing the technology, used by it for MLP waste recycling, with Convertors, Food companies and Recyclers. The technology would include supplying the Recycling machine and the technology. 

    At the first year of IndiaPlast 2019, Uflex showed its strength of presence across entire value chain of flexible packaging by exhibiting the best-in-class products and solutions from all its seven businesses.

    ENGINEERING Business of Uflex presented its top-of-the-line Extrusion Coating & Lamination Machine ‘EX LAM 400. With asturdy, heavy structure to handle thin and thick laminate, EX LAM 400 has beendesigned with line speed of 400 meters per minute (mpm). With significant improvements made against its older variants, the modified machine with European designed features have especially been made suitable to Indian conditions making it a clear solution for all flexible packaging needs. EX LAM 400 isspread over various variants i.e Mono and Co-extruder.

    Second in line was its state-of-the-art CI Flexo model ‘Elisa’designed for maximum operating speed of 400 mpm with high automation level in the form of sleeves and anilox removal system. Uflex is the first ever Indian company to make CI Flexo and its latest variant offers many value additions including an efficient Ink Washing system that helps in saving time as well as cost.

    Solventless Laminator Machine ‘Super-S-1300’on display has added featuresof running metalized structures upto a speed of300mpm, whereas all other structures can be run upto a speed of 450mpm. The machine offers microprocessor based thermo-regulation system to maintain optimum temperature of steel rollers. Its Unwinder, Rewinder, Coating, Lamination and Metering are all controlled by digital drive and motors.

    FILMS Business of Uflex had its pockets full of numerous innovative products starting with three polyester films. F—PRP, a 12 Micron BOPET film is designed to meet the critical needs of bulk packaging. It is ideal to use for low density, high volume packaging like large bags of atta, sugar or rice packaging.

    Similarly, in ready-to-eat food packaging, F-TFPa thermofoming filmwith 15 micron, 23micron and 36 micron was developed for semi-rigid packaging suitable for take away food items like trays, so that the brand identity of the product is retained till the last piece of the product is consumed and not lost with the lid being thrown. This product could be used for replacing OPA film where OTR barrier is not important and modified version of F—TFP is available with improved OTR barrier property.

    Whereas F-FTC, the fast to tear film,overcomes the challenge Whereas F-FTC, the fast to tear filmovercomes the challenge of tearability in multi-layer packaging which makes the films easily tearable in both directions, enabling consumer ease of accessing the product. This film is applicable for sachets and one-time use food packaging like ketchup, confectionaries and snack and will be launched in Indian markets soon.

    Above all, PETG Resin was introduced, an amorphous polymer that does not crystallize making it an excellent replacement for transparent polymeroffering high performance properties including transparency, clarity, gloss, glaze and printability in applications.Echoing Make in India, Uflex is the first and only producer of PETG in Indiaand will it offer huge opportunities to substitute PETG Resins that are imported into the country till now. PETG will replace transparent polymers in applications like personal care, signage, sheet extrusion, LED profile, medical devises, home appliances, consumer goods and 3D print technology.

    In BOPP segment, two variants of ultra-high barrier film were introduced Ultra High Oxygen Barrier Metallized BOPP filmB-TUO-M’and Ultra High Barrier & High Seal Strength Metallized BOPP filmB-TUH-M’. B-TUO-M has outstanding barriers with less than 10 oxygen transmitting rate(OTR) and sealing functionalities with excellent metal bond strength & metal cracking resistance; and superlative substrate for extrusion lamination; whereas B-TUH-M has outstanding barriers with less than 15 OTR and high seal strength with excellent hermetic seal; better metal bond strength & nitrogen flushing capabilities.

    Lastly, Ultra High Barrier with robust seal performance & high metal bond MetallizedCPP film ‘C-CLM’addresses the challenge of sustainable extrusion bond, barrier & seal performancefaced by Flexible Packaging industries by replacing three layers with two thereby enablingadvantages of lesser carbon foot print.

    CYLINDER Business launched new Metallic Dies wherein the Dies produced by the latest CNC Die manufacturing lines are in the form of both metallic plates & rollers, which also has embossed 3D image engraved on it. The Die Plates can be produced on flat bed system and can also make Rotary Dies. This image gets superimposed by means of mechanical pressure or temperature on the printed substrate. Hence, we get embossed image on printed labels & printed packs.

    Their product portfolio also included Gravure Printing Cylinders for glitter printing comprising of very high GSM & very low GSM coating cylinders facilitating embossing for Paper, Foil, Leather etc. The latest Flexo Printing Plates ensure high-resolution optics upto 4000 ppi for perfect details, screens up to 300lpi & 1-99% dots making the output compatible with Offset and Gravure quality and consistency.

    At the booth, it also showcased Laser Engraved elastomer Plates having highest quality print not only in Line work but also in Half-tone images; Consistent print quality due to excellent transfer of all kinds of flexo inksviz. water based, UV, E-Beam, Ketone group, Ethyl Acetate etc; With increased efficiency due to lesser setup time on the press with optimal register and Joint less Elastomer sleeves that helps mount directly into the press.


    CHEMICAL Business featured different solutions for flexible packaging and offset applications. Chemicals unveiled Universal Solvent Free Adhesive 777 A/C, a unique and universal product that offers excellent performance on various substrates including plastics. This adhesive has an exceptional compatibility with NC-PU inks when mixed in the ratio of 1:1.

    Next was a Sheet fed UV ink, suitable for commercial and non-food packaging applications and the newly developed environment friendly high speed Water-based ink. Another Mono component Solvent-less Adhesive OC512which is designed for laminating film to printed and unprinted board and paper was on the shelf too.

    ASEPTO, the Aseptic Liquid Packaging Business from Uflex showcased innovation in aesthetics of Aseptic Liquid Packaging through Holographic transformation which was their theme for IndiaPlast 2019.

    HOLOGRAPHY Business presented an assortment of anti-counterfeiting products highlighting its technologically superior brand protection solutions to protect consumers and suppliers from the fake and spurious products. Also on display were Labels with registered lens technology printed with its new Orthotec machine and ones with screen effect; and Customized Holographic Cartons combining different holographic patterns to form hybrid designs that offer distinctive package appearance.



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