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Umang Taneja Redefines Jyotishshastra Architecture as a Way of Life

Mumbai :  Whenever a person gets into any difficulty and feels helpless in solving his problem visits either a spiritual guru, tantrik or an astrologer or a pandit. It is because he is in need of a Godfather which solves his problem. All because of his helplessness. Experience has shown many a times such people are looted by telling poojas, Tona – totkas etc. suggested by them. When one comes Umang_Sir_large_edit__1_out of the phase of life then he realises what he has gone through.

Umang Taneja is teaching Nadi astrology in Mumbai from last 10 years. Mumbai centre caters Maharashtra and Gujarat. This form of Astrology explains when a person enters into bad period of life and when he comes out of it.

There are quite a few branches of Hindu Astrology wherein Nadi Astrology is predictive hindu astrology. It is the only system of astrology which covers all the events of life in exhaustive manner. Like all sciences Nadi Astrology has crystal clear formulations of all events of life. Nadi Astrology emphasis on karma. It emphasis that positive Karma and hard work is the key to success and it proves it too. Merely, pooja, going to pilgrimages and faith can not give results although pooja, going to temples etc. gives positive attitude.

There is a book, Accurate Predictive Methodology authored by Umang Taneja which carries formulations of all events of life and method and illustrations to use it. Umang Taneja in his teachings takes up illustrations and live examples provided by students in class to make them understanding the application of science of Nadi Astrology. in addition to Accurate Predictive Methodology, he has authored 5 more unique books in Astrology. Accurate Predictive Methodology is available in Hindi, English and Spainish languages.

It was discussed in the get together with old students during his visit in Mumbai this time that awareness of positive Karma should be made more and more to all the people in the world at large.

Source : Sachin Murdeshwar

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