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  • Uncertainty looms large over the fate of missing Neepco personals

    Published on October 10, 2019

    By Anup Biswas


    Haflong : Uncertainty looms large over the fate of missing four Neepco personals since the rescue operation could not be started even after 72 hours of the incident of water pipeline of Kopili Hydro Electric Project burst.

    Four persons including three employees of the NEEPCO-run Kopili Hydro Electric Power (KHEP) Project went missing following a burst in a water tunnel near Umrangso early morning of last Monday which led to massive flooding at the power project site.

    The district disaster management authority has kept all the rescue team ready but as the water level and its speed of flow receding at a very low rate, the rescue operation could not be started.

    NEEPCo General Manager Debotosh Bhattacharjee in a press briefing informed that as of now they are waiting for receding of water level because all the restoration and rescue operation could not be started due to severe water force. Meanwhile experts from BBMP, NHPC, BHEL have arrived the site and trying best to bring down the water level so that restoration work could be done. The loss due this incident could not be ascertained at the moment since we are now concentrated for the restoration and rescue operation.

    Dima Hasao Deputy Commissioner Amitabh Rajkhowa expressing surprise over the delay in rescue and restoration operation said he was trying to communicate with victim family and to meet them.

    Meanwhile the Chief Executive Member, N C Hills Autonomous Council after visiting the NEEPC site said ‘It was a very unfortunate for us that an unwanted incident took place at Kopili Hydro Power Station, Umrangso just a couple of days ago. It’s a very tragic incident that should never have been happened. Bursting out of the NEEPCO’s Water Pipe had a disastrous impacts leading to heavy flow of water which flooded the entire project area, including the power house where the four persons are still trapped inside.’ He prays for their well being and hoped to be rescued soon. And with full efforts on his part he would also pressurise the Central and the State Government to immediately look into the matter and to compensate the loss incurred to the people in the very unwanted and unexpected incident, Gorlosa assured.