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  • Tuesday, September, 2021| Today's Market | Current Time: 04:28:28
  • By: Dr. Priya Kaul, Spiritual Life Coach and Healer

    Our body is made of five main elements and these form the basic of the body, mind, people, and relationships. Understanding these are important as the different elements will help in transforming the way we deal with every aspect of life, including our thoughts, ideas and even health. The elementals are closely linked with the planet, and hence these help in overcoming the earthly issues and concerns.

    The elementals, help individuals in transforming the practical matters of life and to manage different aspects of life including finances, career, relationships, etc. These elementals help in teaching our souls the right path and potential to manage ourselves. Each of the elementals are interlinked with each other, and each of these have a special place and focused areas of effect. The five main elementals are Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Spirit.

    Working with elementals help individuals use these and create heaven on earth, and is a means to lead to well-being and abundance. Each of these have a specific purpose of their own and help in different aspects of life. Earth is focused on physical health, home, security and finances. Water on the other hand is focused on relationships, love, sexuality and emotional well-being. Fire is focused on the overall creativity, transformation, motivation and also the overall energetic health of an individual, while the mental health, inspiration, purification and stress release is generally governed by Air. The spiritual health, connection, purpose and joy are governed by the Spirit.

    Elementals help in easier communication with angels and help in building the worldly and purely spiritual. These have a physical side and the results can be seen directly. Elementals are also connected to the earth and hence do not have any dogma. This is nature oriented and is pure and gentle and natural. Also, since the elementals are naturally connected, these tend to be more practical and also have a higher proximity to our daily lives as well. These help us communicate and guide us in a way to understand ourselves, and help us in developing how we communicate with everyone around as well. These are also an excellent guide to help us transform our lives. Elementals also help us understand Earth’s success secrets and these have been part of the planet from the start and helps in resolving issues from all aspects in a strong and effective manner.