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  • UNI GOLD COIN (UGC) to be listed on IDAX

    Published on July 22, 2019

    HONG KONG: UNI GOLD COIN (UGC) is excited to list on IDAX for UGC/ETH, UGC/BTC on July 22nd at 10:00 (UTC+8). UGC aims to develop unique international tourism products by creating the UNI GOLD Resort vintage-style gold-mining experience.

    The UNI GOLD Resort creates an innovative model for global tourism, actively supporting the local economy and youth employment while developing a family-friendly resort and trailer-style campgrounds where participants can enjoy spending a night in the area and experiencing the world’s biggest ‘Old West’ Goldrush and gold-mine.

    By developing a blockchain platform with these innovative systems, UGC aims to become a market leader and a leading company in bringing the world closer together.