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  • UniFarm launches Thunder Farms for users looking to make a passive income in the current bear market, offering upto 400% APY

    Published on September 2, 2022

    • Thunder Farms aligns with the Financial Independence Retire Early (F.I.R.E) concept
    • Farms will be live on Ethereum, Binance, and Polygon chains
    • 20 Blockchain projects, across the globe, have come together to reach out to ~200,000 users in 60 days with an estimated impact of worth ~ $600,000

    UniFarm, a one-stop solution for web3 projects, announces the launch of Thunder Farms 1. UniFarm has partnered with over 20 Blockchain projects across 3 chains: Ethereum, Binance, and Polygon.

    Thunder Farm will span for 60 days with a payout ranging between APY 60% to 400%. The user can stake either in Yield or Liquidity Farming through UniFarm’s DeFi platform  https://app.unifarm.co. This is an unlocked pool and users can unstake and claim their confirmed rewards anytime.

    Here’s a closer look at UniFarm’s prestigious project offering:

    • Yield Farming offers staking for 60 days with a minimum guarantee of 60% APY
    • Liquidity Farming offers staking for 60 days with a minimum guarantee of 80% APY
    • The stakers of Thunder Farms will also get a chance to be whitelisted for the upcoming SportzChain IDO on UniFarm Launchpad — UniLaunch
    • The stakers can maximize their rewards by upto 400% by purchasing a Booster Pack

    On the announcement of Thunder farms with multiple projects, Mr. Mohit Madan, CEO and Founder, UniFarm and OroPocket express his views, “UniFarm, a decentralized farming pool of DeFi’s most innovative projects allows users to farm numerous project tokens on an easy-to-use interface. Unlike traditional farming, UniFarm offers diversification to its token holders by allowing multiple token farming options hence the motto “Stake One, Farm More.”

    Additional benefits to participating in Thunder Farms and chance to get more rewards

    • The stakers will stake in 20 tokens in Liquidity Farming or 20 tokens in Yield  Farming that will be live till the end of October.
    • The stakers are eligible to participate in the 3 Mega Events worth $10000 of reward pool for 115 winners
    • The activities are Crypto Poker Tournament, Art Festival and Hackathon

    How to participate in Mega Events?

    1. Thunder Farms Gold NFT – The user can get Gold NFT by staking a minimum of  $50 in any of the 20 Liquidity Farming or Yield Farming that will be live till the end of October 2022.
    2. Thunder Farms Silver NFT – The user can get Silver NFT by winning in community activities- AMA on Telegram, Passive Income Conclave/s, Staking referrals, and Twitter spaces.


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