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  • Unique History Will be Created in Mumbai: 44 Diksharhis Will Attain Jain Diksha together

    Published on February 27, 2019

    By Sachin Murdeshwar

    Mumbai  : The first time ever historic Diksha Maha-Mahotsav of Combined Diksha of 44 Diksharthis will take place from 9th March to 13th March 2019 at Chikoo Wadi in Borivali, Mumbai. The beginning of Maha-Mahotsav will take place on 9th March, culminating with combined Jain Diksha of 44 Diksharthis together under one roof, with never seen before celebrations.

    12 to 66 years old Dikshartis will renounce this world & worldly pleasures to take this Jain Diksha together. The Diksharthis consist of 17 from Mumbai, 21 from Gujarat, 5 from Rajasthan and 1 from Kolkata. Most of them are graduates and under 25 years of age. They include from CPT (CA) with Indian ranking to head of ultra-rich families.

    The mentors to all these Diksharthis  are Dikshayug Pravrtak Jainacharya Pujya Shrimad Vijay Ramchandrasuriswarji Maharaja, Jainacharya Pujya Shrimad Vijay Shantichandra Suriswarji Maharaja, Disciple of Surishanti – Jainacharya Pujya Jinchandra Suriswarji Maharaja  & Jainacharya Pujya Yogtilak Suriswarji Maharaja, Disciple of Surinam – Jainacharya Pujya Kankshekhar Suriswarji Maharaja, Jainacharya Pujya Kirtiyash Suriswarji Maharaja, Jainacharya Pujya Shreyanshprabh Suriswarji Maharaja etc. The Maha-Mahotsav will be blessed by around 600 male & female monks. More than 50,000 followers of religions are expected to attend.

    There has been tremendous enthusiasm in the entire Jain Community across India for this Diksha Mahotsav , which is being celebrated in the name of “ Adhyatmic Lagnostav”.  The Invitations for this Mega Event are forwarded to all over country. Invitations are being sent to around one lakh Jain families in Mumbai with Jaggery.

    Shri Devendra Fadnavis, Chief Minister of Maharashtra and admirer of Tyag-Dharma, met Diksharthis on Sunday 17th February, 2019 at Mumbai. He honoured & felicitated them. He also accepted the invitation assuring to attend historical Diksha Maha-Mahotsav on 13th March 2019 in Mumbai.

    While addressing the Trustees of Adhyatm Parivar, the organizer of Diksha Maha-Mahotsav & Diksharthis, The Chief Minister stated that it was a very difficult decision   to take Diksha and wished them  his best . He prayed that after the Diksha Maha –Mahotsav, these Diksharthis would bless the society .

    Earlier, Shri Raghuvar Das, Chief Minister of Jharkhand had invited Diksharthis to Ranchi and felicitated them.

    On Monday, February 25, 2019, Chief Minister of Gujarat Shri Vijaybhai Rupani had invited the Diksharthis for lunch and their felicitation. As the only Jain Chief Minister, he expressed his immense pleasure & pride for this Diksha Mahotsav and promised to safeguard Jain Tirth-sthan in India.

    Adhyatm Parivar is the organizer of 5 days Diksha Maha-Mahotsav. Head of Adhyatm Parivar , Shashan Ratna Shri Hiteshbhai Mota  presented a cheque of Rs. 11 Lakh from his Global Mercantile Company  to the Chief Minister of Maharashtra towards National Defense Fund. Over and above, Leaders of Jain Community donated a cheque of Rs. 11 Lakh to the Chief Minister of Gujarat towards Chief Minister Fund. On this occasion, Shri Hiteshbhai Mota expressed his feelings toward the country and stated that the purpose of Diksha Mahotsav is to make a person noble  & true to himself with a dedication towards his country.