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  • Unity Infraprojects Ltd Now Listed

    Published on August 2, 2010

    Bombay Stock Exchange listed US$250 million turnover engineering procurement & construction conglomerate, Unity Infraprojects Ltd today implemented UHF RFID technology provided by Mumbai based EssenRFID at its office headquarters & its site.

    Pioneering on UHF technology, EssenRFID implemented the Construction Worker tracking solution at one of Unity’s construction sites. The solution encompasses a RFID portal supported with a camera which shall capture worker data in real-time & associate worker information with Essen’s RFID tag PersonnaTM. This real-time data association shall help streamline employee identification process at remote construction sites thereby eliminating any potential duplication of worker data, eliminating “ghost workers” & misuse of substituting low skilled workers for highly skilled workers thereby drawing a higher payment by the site supervisor.

    EssenRFID’s Visitor Management System

    At Unity’s Mumbai Headquarters, a Visitor Management System was introduced & deployed successfully by EssenRFID. Whenever a business meeting is being scheduled at Unity’s headquarters involving people coming in from other locations, the business host (e.g. General Manager) logs onto EssenRFID’s application namely the Visitor Management System & enters all the relevant information such as name of the visitor, scheduled time of visit, purpose of visit, conference room number & immediately the information is passed on to the security personnel via the back end server.The security personnel would have kept the visitor/ guest cards (RFID PersonnaTM tags) ready well in advance. When the business visitor arrives at the front office desk, the security personnel hands over the PersonnaTM RFID tag to the visitor. When the business visitor walks through the RFID portal of the office premise carrying the PersonnaTM tags, EssenRFID’s integrated Reader/Antenna, XtennaTM picks up the signal & in real-time passes information to the host (General Manager) informing him about the arrival of the guest & also about the expected time of arrival of the business guests from the entrance to the conference room located in an adjacent building premise. The information can also be sent via a SMS to the host’s PDA/ Mobile should he be not available at his desk at that particular time. This customized solution helps in pre-empting the business host (General Manager) about the arrival of business visitor & notifies him with the relevant information well in advance.

    EssenRFID which launched its UHF based RFID device “XtennaTM” in April 2008 is an Indian OEM headquartered at Nariman Point, Mumbai & has successfully demonstrated its RFID modules for a) Personnel & Car Parking management systems, b) Asset Tracking including metals & liquids, c) Livestock efficiency management, d) Hospitality management & e) Identification & stoppage of monetary leakages in the Construction industry. The integrated reader cum antenna module “XtennaTM” has been successfully implemented for Manufacturing, Healthcare, Education, Infrastructure, Realty & Defence sectors in India & overseas markets.

    During 2010, EssenRFID opened a new tag manufacturing facility at Himachal Pradesh’s Industrial district of Solan (Baddi) that has an annualized capacity to manufacture upto 40 million tags.

    EssenRFID’s advanced RFID reader XtennaTM has dynamic multi-protocol capability that is fully compliant with future standards. Along with superior tag reading performance (upto 50 feet) that not only supports Dense Reader Mode but also overcomes multiple sources of signal interference.