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Unlock the secret to keep hair ‘Salon-Beautiful’ for longer – Launch of Keratinology by Sunsilk


Sunsilk today launched its first ever advanced premium hair care range, Keratinology, its breakthrough in hair care innovation. Keratinology by Sunsilk is specially designed and tested to harness the power of Keratin MicroTM Technology, to prolong the beauty of salon-treated hair. It has two ranges, Advanced Reconstruction Program and Sun Kissed Colour Therapy. The Advanced Reconstruction Program has been tested to recover up to one year of accumulated hair damage, compared to a non-conditioning shampoo in just 5 days. The Sun Kissed Colour Therapy protects coloured hair and luminous hair colour is retained for longer.

When hair is salon-treated, it undergoes a structural change, leaving it looking beautiful owing to professional styling. Over time, changes take place to hair which are invisible to the naked eye. They start to look dull due to environmental stress and lose protein due to daily styling. This causes tiny cracks to develop into deeper irreparable damage and thus, the beauty of salon procedures fades away. We call this ‘The Infinite Cycle of Beauty’.

Borne out of scientific knowledge of how hair behaves post salon procedures, experts at the Keratinology Institute have come together to formulate Keratinology by Sunsilk. Created after years of research, the range has been tested to capture and maintain salon beautiful healthy looking hair for longer. This is done using the power of Keratin MicroTM Technology, which penetrates deep into the hair. Its unique action nourishes and reconstructs any damaged fibres, leaving hair looking healthy and beautiful. Tested across the world on different hair types, the resulting formulation, proven by our experts, prolongs that salon feeling, being an ideal home care system.

Keratinology’s unique products reinforce ones hair’s natural strength and shine to keep the cycle of beauty alive. The Overnight Treatment in the Advanced Reconstruction Range has been designed and tested with the power to recover up to one month of hair protein loss in just one night. The Dual Treatment Shots’ two-step deep conditioners use Keratin MicroTM Technology to give extreme reconstruction. Its micro nutrients have ten times more protein replenishment power compared to leading conditioners, which repairs even the most severe damage, making hair healthy from within.

Keratinology offers a unique customised hair regime program for its consumers. You can now build your own Keratinogram and get your customised hair regime recommendation by answering a few questions about your hair.

Keratinology by Sunsilk was unveiled at a glittering event in Mumbai in the presence of Bollywood celebrity hair expert and hair consultant for Keratinology, Dilshad Pastakia, the stunning diva Malaika Arora Khan, along with Rajnikant Sabnavis, Regional Category Vice President, Hair, Unilever South Asia and Niraj Mistry, Head – Technical Management, Home and Personal Care, Unilever South Asia.

Dilshad Pastakia, Bollywood celebrity hair expert and Hair Consultant for Keratinology said, “Today young women are constantly experimenting with their hair. Salon-treated hair slowly starts to lose its strength due to environmental stress. Hair becomes weakened and fragile over time due to protein loss owing to daily styling and it needs special care to maintain its professional beauty for longer. As a hair expert, I truly believe Keratinology by Sunsilk is revolutionary and is the perfect canvas for women who want beautiful hair. It changes the relationship between at-home hair care and in-salon procedures, so your salon hair looks its best for longer.”

Speaking about the technology, Niraj Mistry, Head – TechnicalManagement, Home andPersonal Care, Unilever SouthAsia said, “Experts at Unilever and The Keratinology Institute are constantly working to develop new, innovative technologies and products that will provide the best solutions to our consumers. Inspired to work in synergy with various salon procedures, our latest offering Keratinology by Sunsilk has been tested to harnesses the power of Keratin MicroTM Technology to prolong the beauty of salon-treated hair. We have developed this home care system to work with the effects that salon procedures can have on hair over time, by nourishing and maintaining hair fibres. Each product in the range enhances the positive effects of professional procedures, so your hair is in safe, expert hands, from the minute you leave the salon door.”

Prior to the launch, four well-known models who are regularly subjected to hair styling stress and damage were selected to undergo the Keratinology procedure by Dilshad Pastakia. They discovered this secret to prolong the beauty of salon treated hair. At the glittering launch event, these models – Shruti Aggarwal, Sonali Raut, Uppekha Jain and Malvika Raaj – also walked the ramp flaunting their lustrous hair, treated with Keratinology by Sunsilk.

The Keratinology by Sunsilk range caters to coloured, permed or professionally straightened hair. The range also works on hair which has naturally become damaged over time, as it gets exposed to heat styling and environmental changes such as pollution and sun exposure. Keratinology by Sunsilk keeps your hair’s cycle of beauty alive by reinforcing its natural strength and shine.

Keratinology by Sunsilk is the secret to every girl’s dilemma to maintain and prolong the beauty of salon-treated hair.Sunsilk is Unilever’s leading hair care brand, sold in 80 countries worldwide and with sales of $1 billion. The brand dominates the Asian and Latin American hair care markets. Sunsilk is also sold as Elidor, Seda and Sedal. Sunsilk has consistently been a brand that has brought innovations in hair care to the Indian consumer. It was the first brand to offer shampoo by hair types, a pro-conditioner and a range of shampoos specially formulated for care of coloured hair.

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