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  • Thursday, February, 2024| Today's Market | Current Time: 05:27:43
  •  The thriving real estate sector, a catalyst for India’s growth, set the stage for the CNBC Awaaz Real Estate Awards & Conclave, officially presented by RR Kabel. Building on the backdrop of a remarkable rebound witnessed by the industry since 2022, this prestigious event took place on the 6th of July 2023, in Hyderabad. The conclave saw renowned industry trailblazers and financiers to policymakers, stalwarts, and thought leaders from the space sharing insights on trends affecting the sector’s future and exploring ways to accelerate its advancement in the future.

    The event kickstarted with a welcome address by Vipin Bhatt, Real Estate Editor at CNBC Awaaz, who set the tone for the evening and commented, “In the last few years, the real estate sector has seen a full shift. It has emerged as a thriving industry, showcasing remarkable performance as developers diligently fulfil their commitments and buyers receive their properties promptly. In this optimistic environment, it brings immense joy to CNBC Awaaz to host the 14th edition of the Real Estate Conclave in Hyderabad, celebrating the accomplishments of industry players and fostering future advancements in the field.”

    The eminent guest of honor for the evening was the esteemed KT Rama Rao, Minister for Municipal Administration and Urban Development, Industries & Commerce, and Information Technology-Electronics & Communication of Telangana. In his opening remarks, he reaffirmed Telangana’s ongoing support for the real estate sector. Providing concrete illustrations of this support, he expressed his pride in mentioning the Telangana State Building Permission Self-Certification System, commonly known as TS-bPASS, which expeditiously grants approval for residential projects within the state.

    The evening moved forward with the fireside chat between Hon’ble Minister and Vipin Bhatt. As they discussed the topic ‘Urban Development’, Shri KT Rama Rao commented, “When it comes to urbanization, it is crucial to prioritize basic infrastructure and utilities such as power, water, roads, and drainage systems. In Hyderabad, we have placed significant emphasis on addressing these aspects, and I take immense pride in announcing that by September this year, we will achieve the remarkable milestone of being the first major city in India to treat 100% of its sewage. Simultaneously, we have introduced plug-and-play IT infrastructure in seven towns across Telangana, with the goal of attracting IT investments to these Tier 2 areas and relieving the strain on urban centres.”

    Furthermore, the conclave also featured several panel discussions comprising esteemed businesspersons. The first discussion, titled “India’s Real Estate Changing Gears: Recovery to Growth,”  brought together industry thought leaders including P Rama Krishna Rao, President of CREDAI Hyderabad; Sunil Chandra Reddy, President of NAREDCO Telangana; C Shekhar Reddy, Chairman of CII Telangana and Chairman of CII IGBC Hyderabad Chapter; Venu Vinod, Managing Director of CYBERCITY Builders & Developers Pvt. Ltd; M. Goutham Reddy, Convener of the Infra and Real Estate Panel, CII Telangana; Anuj Kapoor, Founder and Partner of Investment Banking at Upwisery; and Shreegopal Kabra, Managing Director  RR Kabel.    

    The subsequent discussion centred around “The Future of Urbanization: Role of Tier 1 Cities”. The panel emphasized the need to foster economic development in megacities and their surrounding regions. Moderated by Lakshman Roy, Economic Policy Editor at CNBC AWAAZ, the panel consisted of esteemed members including Hon’ble R Krishnaiah, Member of Parliament in the Rajya Sabha; Shekhar Reddy, Chairman, CII, Telengana & Chairman, CII, IGBC Hyderabad Chapter, and Rajesh Kabra, Director, RR Global.

    Concluding the evening, the final panel discussion revolved around the topic “Electrical Safety Codes: Minimizing the Risk of Short-Circuit Fires.” The panel featured N Prakash Reddy, Director of Enforcement, Vigilance & Disaster Management at the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation; V Srinivas, CEO of Synergy Infrastructure Consultants Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad; and Shreegopal Kabra, Managing Director of RR Kabel.

    The Hyderabad edition was the last of the three conclaves, which were earlier hosted in Indore and Jaipur, respectively, under the 14th CNBC Awaaz Real Estate Awards initiative. The nominations have now closed, and the zonal winners will go on to compete for the national titles. The finale awards ceremony will be hosted in the month of December 2023.


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