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Unlu partners with Expy to launch creative education fund for creators

Unlu – a one-stop platform for creators to learn and collaborate to produce high-value monetizable content has recently announced its partnership with Expy – a monetizable link in bio tool with a private community for creators. As part of the strategic partnership, both platforms aim to share cross-creator benefits in the creator and entertainment space.

Content creation has become a source of livelihood for many. To help creators succeed in building an income or a career from their content, Unlu and Expy also announced to set up a million-dollar fund in the field of creative education and provide scholarships to talents across Music, Writing & Acting. This will help provide necessary resources to aspiring creators and empower them with a skill set and mindset of deliberate creativity.

Delighted with the partnership, Himanshu Periwal of Unlu said, “Collaboration and creativity are at the heart of every content creator. It exists whether a creator collaborates with a brand or another creator. We are glad to have partnered with Expy which is going to create an environment of nurturing creativity while encouraging them to bring the best out of them.”

“Our partnership with Expy will help creators not only collaborate but also learn and earn through its exclusive rewards. We look forward to transforming the digital identity of creators and helping them monetize their skills and valuable content,” he added.

To scale the growth of the creators, Vincent Chaglasyan of Expy said, “Our partnership with Unlu serves as a welcome step in the creative education space. Stimulating creativity in creators and helping them acquire monetization skills for their talent will bring monumental changes in their career.”

Unlu and Expy’s partnership will provide creators with the access to Expy’s first localized ‘link in bio’ monetization solution to scale the creator’s growth journey. Furthermore, the growing Expy creator community will act as a backbone to drive engagement across all of their important social media links, monetizable services and collaborations from a single aesthetic page.

In addition, the platforms will be able to reach out to new talent faster and focus on the acquisition of existing and future creator bases. In the coming 6 months, the platforms are planning to target a minimum of 2000 creators to learn, grow and monetize content.

Unlu’s flagship programs – Unlu Class & Unlu Fellowship aim to empower more than 100Mn creators to learn from legendary celebrity instructors and earn Universal Creator Income (a sustainable income for creators pursuing their creative passion). After achieving this milestone, the company envisions becoming the biggest platform in monetizable content creation.

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