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  • Up Close & Personal with Stefanie Gurzanski: the vogue czechoslovakia cover girl

    Published on October 26, 2021

    One recent underwater-themed photoshoot that features in Vogue Czechoslovakia has created quite the splash in the world of fashion and glamour photography. One of the key reasons is the absolute stunner that stars in the pictures. With her beautiful and ample crowning glory, deep-set dreamy eyes, and hourglass figure, Stefanie Gurzanski is no less than a mermaid in flesh and blood!A model of Canadian origin, Stefanie started began her career in the world of glamour whilst she was still in high school at the age of 17. She has not looked back and only gone from strength to strength since then. Her breakthrough moment came in 2017 when Stefanie became a Playmate in 2017.

    Thereafter, Stefanie has featured on the covers of several coveted A-list magazines such as Maxim, Vogue and Elle, to name just a few. Her confident walk and self-assured gait, not to mention unusually good looks make her popular on the ramp as well. Stefanie is popular among designers the world over. Even the internet world is smitten with her charm and the way she carries herself.

    Small wonder then that she has emerged as one of the top Tik Tok stars in Canada. Her fan following on Instagram and Tik Tok is rather enviable. The love that people have for her is evident in the kind of comments and quantum of likes her posts and videos draw from her global fans. As an influencer, Stefanie is aware  of the kind of responsibility this kind of mass adulation and fan following puts on her. “Yes I love being in front of the camera – I feel so alive when that is happening. But I also know that being a recognizable face means I have a lot  of responsibility in how I conduct  myself, the products I endorse and so on,” asserts the beauty with brains.When Stefanie started her journey as a model, it was a tough ride. She had to overcome many challenges, disorganised gigs and take up offers that wouldn’t offer much. After all, starting from scratch in a creative field requires lot of determination and patience.

    It doesn’t and didn’t help that the industry is very competitive. So how does Stefanie manage to stay motivated in such a competitive field? In her trademark cool and yet intelligent style, Stefanie says, “I stay motivated by staying true to myself and working consistently to keep evolving in my career.”

    With this kind of professional and positive outlook, Stefanie sure has a bright future in the world of glamour and fashion.