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  • Uplive streamers grew their earnings by over 100% in 2021, making average $1000 every month

    Published on December 17, 2021

    – Uplive is emerging as the go-to platform for digital content creators as the live video streaming app enrolls high engagement creators as influencers.

    New Delhi: Uplive, a global live video streaming app today announced that its users have grown their earning by up to 100% in 2021, making between $200 and $1800 every month.

    Uplive is giving a platform to the influencers to build communities around their interest to take a step towards financial independence. The Uplive platform has more than 1000 users in India and is gaining traction amongst the millennials and GenZ in the country. 

    The live streaming industry is flourishing in India as platforms such as Uplive offer the chance to be financially independent by creating content that engages and builds an audience. Furthermore, users with higher engagements are generally categorized as influencers and rewarded with money, brand endorsements, and more.  

    I am a student right now, and I come from a very decent middle-class family. Just like any other youth, I have my own share of wishes and dreams. I wanted to be financially independent so that I could fulfill some of my dreams and ambitions. I have loved traveling since childhood and wanted to explore the world. I came to know about Uplive 6 months back, and it has completely transformed my life. Not only am I earning, but I also have been able to connect with like-minded people who share my wanderlust,” said Amir Ahmad, one of the popular live streamers from Lucknow, India.

    Amir regularly streams 4-5 hours on Uplive daily and has managed to visit 21 places across India; Manali, Uttrakhand, Kashmir, etc. Amir has met a lot of fellow travel enthusiasts through Uplive and claims that the app has brought a significant change to his life.

    Neha Rajput, who has been on the platform for the past 1 year, said, “I’ve been in the social industry for over 3 years now and have been continuously streaming on Uplive for a year now. I have a very social personality, and it gives me so much joy to interact with people and friends. I’ve managed to build a community on the Uplive platform, which appreciates and supports me and my work. I want to encourage other people, especially women, to join Uplive to uplift their personality and confidence and, on top of that, take a step towards financial independence too.”

    Influencer culture is flourishing in India, which has led to live streaming platforms entering the fray. Uplive has over 5 crore downloads on the google play store and has over a thousand influencers in India across categories like Health & Fitness, Beauty, Food, Tech, Travel, and more. 

    Each person has its own creativity and providing a platform where everyone has an equal chance to grow and to showcase their talent has been the aim of Uplive. Technology is changing at a fast pace, and the entertainment world has no limitations now; live-streaming apps offer a wide range of opportunities to their users and a great way to improve one’s personality,” said Mukhtiyar Ahmad, Uplive’s India Marketing Manager.

    Uplive is a leader in the live social market and has increased its registered users by 90%, from 121 million at the end of 2019 to 230 million in June 2021. It also increased its number of streamers by 100%, from 9.5 million at the end of 2019 to 19 million in June 2021.

    During pandemic lockdowns, Uplive introduced a platform for musicians to perform via live stream, meeting a unique need in the industry. Over the past year, live streaming musical performances have become the most popular content vertical on the app. Uplive’s annual online singing contest, Singing for the World, helped over 4,000 singers worldwide compete by producing new content and growing their fanbase even when in-person concerts were cancelled. The 2020 edition of Singing for the World featured Paula Abdul as a judge and mentor. the second global singing competition is recruiting participants.


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