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  • Love is a bond of a lifetime and making your partner feel a little this Valentine’s Day is a way of showing that they have a special place in your life. It is also the time of the year when you would want to stand out of the crowd and not gift the usual chocolates and flowers. So, this valentine’s day gift your friends something meaningful and special that speaks volumes about your love and care for your partner.

    Red ruby halo setting diamond stud earrings set isolated on white

    Here are some amazing gift suggestions for you-

    1. Gem Selections Valentine’s Day Love Pendant: Gem Selections, India’s largest gemstone brand, has a specially designed Rose Quartz “Love Pendant” in its collection of premiere products. You can gift it to your loved one as Rose Quartz is said to be the crystal of Venus (the goddess of love and beauty). It is best known as the unconditional love stone and is thought to emit a powerful vibration of love. It also helps open the door for entering new love in life. If you are at the beginning of a relationship, or if you value your love and want to improve mutual understanding, or if you have been with your partner for years and want to strengthen your bond, Rose Quartz Can help you achieve all of them. More for options like Garnet with American Diamonds set in 18K gold, Mozambique Rubies with Diamonds set in 18K white gold and Diamond with Spinel set in 18K white gold, you can check and buy from Gem Selections site or visit the store.

    2. Transformative – Fitness Habits- Gift your partner an inspiring magazine subscription on improving their fitness habits. The e-magazine by Transformative. Today is an amazing gift for your loved one, helping him/her benefit from tips and techniques to improve their fitness habits. The magazine subscription is easily available on www.transformative.today.

    3. Gromacy – Gift of sustainable lifestyle: If you are an environmentally aware couple, gift your loved one the gift of sustainable lifestyle in the form of Phoenix- bamboo toothbrushes, Neem wood combs and much more available at gromacy.com. This will be an important step together as self-aware couples who are inclined towards reducing their carbon footprints. You can also share it on your social media handle to spread the awareness on “love for environment” this Valentine’s Day.

    4. The Luxury of silk – Reshweaves

    If your partner loves to drape in grace and beauty, you can gift her the Reshaweaves silk and silk blend sarees. The brand has launched its Valentine’s Day collection which includes silk and silk blend sarees in the shades of red and pink, curated especially for this love season.

    The collection is beautifully created with the ethnic designs on Banarasi:, Bhagalpuri tussar silk and Chanderi. The collection has some very amazing detailing with a wide range of floral and geometric motifs along with plain and all over patterns on the body. The best thing about this collection is that these stylish and elegant silk and silk blend sarees are quite affordable with a price range between Rs. 2000-3000 for silk blends, while pure silk sarees range from anything between Rs. 5000-10000.

    Go surprise your partner with this stunning collection.

    5. Steadfast Nutrition CollaStead: Forget flowers this Valentine’s Day. If you want your partner to feel truly special and pampered, Steadfast Nutrition’s exclusive supplement for skin and haircare, CollaStead is a thoughtful gift for her beauty and health. This best-seller contains high-quality collagen, Rosehip Extract, and Vitamin C that work in synergy to boost dull and damaged skin, make hair thicker and stronger and strengthen nails. CollaStead is also a powerful antioxidant and a boon for not only skin, but also heart, brain, and immune health. So, help your partner feel beautiful inside out and look perfect for your date night.


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