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Vantage Circle and BHyve Partners to Incentivize Knowledge Sharing at the Workplace

Vantage Circle announces partnership with BHyve, a knowledge sharing platform to transform the employee experience at progressive, knowledge-led companies across the world.

New Delhi : Vantage Circle, a global leading simple and AI-empowered employee engagement platform, announced partnership with BHyve, a peer learning and real-time knowledge sharing platform.

BHyve’s partnership with Vantage Circle brings the power of collective intelligence for employee wellbeing to Vantage Circle’s customers. For BHyve customers, Vantage Circle offerings add the incredible experience of redemption into BHyve’s gamification features.

Between distributed teams, multiple softwares and experts working when employees need help, finding the right information or expert is slow and tiring. With BHyve, organizations can connect all of its knowledge, and bring it to the fingertips of employees.

BHyve is able to direct them to the right information from the right person in real-time. With BHyve, employees are more productive, better directed towards the organization’s goals and highly engaged.

Vantage Circle aims to shape an inclusive work culture and build winning work cultures across the globe through innovative AI-powered employee engagement solutions. Its suite of solutions, namely, Vantage Rewards, Vantage Perks, Vantage Pulse, and Vantage Fit, is designed to address the conscious need to enhance workforce productivity by presenting a great employee experience.

BHyve connects employees to the organization’s internal knowledge and wisdom in real time, increasing business productivity, improving employee wellbeing and protecting organizations from knowledge attrition.

“We are looking forward to this partnership with BHyve, and collectively work towards channelizing the information disarray at workplace by incentivizing knowledge sharing”, says Partha Neog, CEO and Co-Founder of Vantage Circle.

“The Vantage-BHyve partnership is a powerful combination that will lead to a step-change in the way organizations and employees interact: where employees share tacit knowledge for mutual growth and organizations empower employees with recognition and engagement solutions powered by innovative AI,” said Omkar Pandharkame, CEO and Co-Founder, BHyve. 

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