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  • How Hard Work and Dedication coupled with Passion can take you Places

    Vatsal Joshi, a small-town guy hailing from Hyderabad who was born in Rajkot, Gujarat is an example of dedication and enthusiasm for passion. He started as a film-maker and today he is the Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at Dadasaheb Phalke International Film Festival Awards. He is the name behind award winning documentary films titled ‘Life Lesson’ and ‘Cellphone’ at south Asia’s biggest film festival in 2017. And to top it all he is a nature enthusiast too.

    Speaking with our special correspondent, Vatsal Joshi gets candid and speaks his heart out here is a gist of the conversation

    1. What does realistic cinema mean to you?

    Ans: Whenever anyone sees a film, the characters of that film & the way of storytelling of that film, is what makes that cinema realistic. It should make the viewer believe that they have lived that character as well. It is never the cast or budget of the film which is necessary to make a cinema realistic, it is always its characters & story-telling. Few Examples like :-  1) Hellaro ( Gujarati Film)  2) Airlift  3) Shershaah 4) Bajirao Mastani and many more.

    2. Where do you see the current cinema industry going towards?

    Ans: We are heading towards a world of cinema where I predict that there would be a time in the next 10-15 years from now where storytelling and picturization will have no boundaries and as we speak today Indian Market is the world’s biggest market in the entertainment sector. We produce the highest number of films in a year than any other country.

    3. As the Vice President of Strategic Partnerships for DPIFF, how do you think COVID has affected the industry and how did you cope with it?

    Ans: The industry got pretty much affected due to covid. Our industry is one of the biggest contributors in Indian Economy and because of covid we faced many problems, like firstly our event is a physical event and conducting it completely virtual was not an option, so because of that convincing the brands was a tug of war for us, but at the end as Dadasaheb Phalke ji use to say “THE SHOW MUST GO ON” we successfully completed 2020 and 2021 editions physically.

    4. Tell us something about Krishna Kunj Productions?

    Ans: So Krishna Kunj Productions was established in 2016 in Hyderabad, right after I dropped from my film school and decided to independently start working. My organisation is a one stop solution for Brand Management, Celebrity & Artist Management, In-Film Promotions and Branding, Event Management Consultation. Currently we are the In-house Partners for Dadasaheb Phalke International Film Festival & International Tourism Festival. Also, we have worked for many state government projects across India and have been appreciated for the same. 

    5. Every film enthusiast or film lover has a dream project. Do you have a dream project of yours that you want to make?

    Ans: I have always been a Nature enthusiast and had this plan to make a natural historical film and show the beauty of nature in India and I got very much inspired by Amoghavarsha (Director of Wild Karnataka). I have also served as an eco-tourism promoter and volunteered in conservation activities as well.

    Wishing him much luck and success for all his future ventures!Attachments area


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