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  • Monday, March, 2020| Today's Market | Current Time: 05:05:07
  • New Delhi : Ladies! Here is the perfect opportunity for a kitchen makeover as Vegit makes cooking hassle free, healthy and innovative. Celebrate Women’s Day with Vegit as it salutes the spirit of the multi-tasking women of today with its ready to cook aloo tikkiinstant snack mixes.

    “Vegit, the leading brand in the ready-to-cook segment understands the needs of today’s woman who is both a working professional and homemaker and looking for easy to cook and tasty food solutions for the kitchen. Thus it has come up with an entire range of ready-to-cook healthy, tasty and affordable snack mixes. Cooking was never made so easy and this is the perfect gift and tribute to all women on the occasion of Women’s Day,” said Mr. Rajneesh Sharma, GM-Sales, Vegit.

    Vegit offers a range of 9 mouthwatering instant Indian snacks: Aloo Tikki, Veg Cutlet, Cheese Balls, Harabhara Kebab, Shammi Kebab, Aloo Bonda, Burger Patty, Soya Roll and Pav Bhaji, in addition to the very popular Aloo Mash (Potato Flakes) which can be used as the base ingredient for a variety of dishes. Priced at Rs. 60 per snack mix pack, Vegit will be available at General and Modern trade outlets, mom and pops shops, hyper and super markets across the city.

    These 100% classic Indian, vegetarian snacks require only a tenth of the cooking time and effort, while retaining the authenticity and pleasure of traditional cooking. The USP of Vegit products is that they can be prepared with a “Twist” as the customer is free to experiment and customize the dish as per their taste. Thus the brand proposition “Hamara Mix, Aapka Twist”.

    This is an ideal product range for women who have to cater to different tastes of family members and demands of fussy children every day. With the wide range of Vegit mixes and the innovative recipes possible, they can turn a picky eater into a food lover.

    This Women’s Day, switch over to Vegit. It is “instant, smart and health-conscious” just like today’s hands-on woman.


    Vegit’s healthy range of mouth- watering traditional Indian snacks includes:

    •             Aloo Mash (Potato Flakes) saves the time of boiling/peeling/mashing of Potatoes and delights your mother with the goodness of mashed potatoes that gives the similar nutritional qualities as that of real potatoes with similar amounts of protein, dietary fiber, and vitamins. Additionally, dehydrated potato flakes can also be used as a nutritional base that complements a shammi kebabvariety of products.

    •             Pav Bhaji- Straight from the plate of Maharashtra, a dish popularly served as street food, Vegit Pav Bhaji Mix is a perfect blend of potato flakes, vegetables & special pav bhaji masala that is ready to cook & is prepared within minutes. A delectable dish seasoned with lemon juice & a dollop of yellow butter is best served with lightly toasted butter ‘pav’ or bun like bread.

    •             Burger Patty- Spicy mix of potato flakes, vegetables and cheese to delight your senses! Avoid the tedious process of chopping and grating. Club Vegit patties with a burger and enjoy plateful of burgers within minutes.

    •             Aloo Tikki–Enjoying street food at home couldn’t get any easier and healthier! A perfect mix of Potato flakes andIndian spicesshallow fried on tawaclubbed with Mint chutney gives you the real taste of Aloo Tikki!

    •             Aloo Bonda- Scrumptious mix of potato and onion bits with the classic touch of amchur powder dipped in besan and deep fried result in hassle free delicious bondas within minutes on your table

    •             Soya Roll- A snack outside of just potato! An appetizing fusion of potato and soya clubbed together with Indian spices and condiments offersan ideal evening snack prepared within minutes!

    •             Cheese Balls- A creamy cheesy delicacy that melts in your mouth, cheese balls can be prepared easily by making small balls and rolling them in bread crumbs, deep fried to be served hot with tomato sauce or mayonnaise!

    •             Harabhara Kebab- Bringing together the goodness of green peas, spinach and potatoes with the tangof kasuri methi, Harabhara Kebab is the ultimate snack for the health conscious.

    •             Shammi Kebab- Deep fried flattered snack of black gram and potato flakes makes for an ideal evening with friends and family

    •             Veg Cutlet- Enriching palate of carrots, french beans and capsicum available with the blend of mixed spice can serve as a delectable snack after being dipped in liquid batter and fried post rolling it in bread crumbs! A crispy snack that’s yummy inside!