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  • VIA Rail Canada promotes an enviornment friendly way to travel

    Published on September 30, 2013

    canada via railAs the national passenger rail service, VIA Rail Canada takes its mandate to provide environmentally responsible service, throughout its 12, 500- kilometer network.  Enviornmental reporting is an integral part of the corporation’s planning and accountability framework.

    The railway board sets measurable targets for improving environmental performance each year as part of their strategic business plan. While passenger rail is widely recognized as one of the most responsible modes of transport in terms of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, VIA is committed to continuously improving its performance. Since 1990, VIA has cut fuel consumption by 25 per cent per passenger-kilometer and GHG emission by 13 per cent.

    VIA has also developed a Green Procurement guide which emphasizes the use of environmentally responsible products in all business activities. For example, recycled paper is used for onboard products such as napkins and toilet papers and for printed material such as train schedules. Coffee served on trains is 100% fair trade coffee, which supports environmentally sustainable agriculture while improving living conditions in developing countries. Wherever possible, the corporation recycles materials – from batteries to paper to discarded computer parts.

    Adding to its corporate social responsibility, VIA offers a clear advantage over other modes: every train car added to accommodate more passengers requires very little extra fuel consumption, generating lower average greenhouse gas emissions per person.

    VIA has been particularly successful in reducing environmental impact of train maintenance operations. VIA’s largest maintenance centre, in Montreal, received the environmental practices ISO 14001 certification six years ago.

      Source : Shalini