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  • Saturday, May, 2024| Today's Market | Current Time: 01:01:29
  •  VIBGYOR Group of Schools proudly announces the launch of The Climate Academy in Pune on 04th April, 2024, marking an expansion of its partnership with the renowned non-profit organisation based in Brussels, Belgium. Building upon the success of Asia’s first Climate Academy at VIBGYOR High in Goregaon, Mumbai, this expansion signifies a significant step towards advancing climate education and awareness across India.

    In collaboration with VIBGYOR Group of Schools, The Climate Academy is set to introduce its innovative climate education program to students in Pune VIBGYOR Schools. The initiative aims to empower students with the knowledge, skills, and mindset necessary to comprehend and address the urgent challenges posed by the climate crisis.

    The Climate Academy, founded by Matthew Pye is a pioneering initiative in climate education, offering schools and students a radically new approach to understanding climate change. Through its comprehensive curriculum and unique certification system, it empowers students to think critically about the climate crisis and take action as agents of change in their communities. Unlike traditional climate education programs, The Climate Academy provides students with a holistic understanding of climate science and social analysis through 15 chapters of in-depth study. By delving into the interconnected systems that drive climate change, students are equipped with the knowledge and skills to think critically about the root causes and potential solutions to the crisis.

    The launch event featured interactive workshops and seminars conducted by experts from The Climate Academy. The sessions covered a diverse range of topics, including Planetary Boundaries, climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies, and the principles of climate justice. Through a blended learning approach, students and teachers had the opportunity to explore the intricacies of climate science and explore actionable solutions to combat climate change.

    Expressing excitement about the expansion, Mr. Shim Mathew, Director – Academic Operations,

    Initiatives & International Partnerships, VIBGYOR Group of Schools, said, “We are thrilled to announce the launch of The Climate Academy in our Pune schools. As a responsible educational institution, it is imperative for us to equip our students with a comprehensive understanding of pressing global issues such as climate change. Through this partnership with The Climate Academy, we aim to inspire and empower our students to become proactive stewards of the environment.”

    Mr. Matthew Pye, Founder of The Climate Academy, said, “The expansion of The Climate Academy to Pune VIBGYOR schools represents a significant milestone in our mission to promote climate education worldwide. By collaborating with VIBGYOR Group of Schools, we are confident in our ability to cultivate a new generation of climate-conscious leaders who are committed to driving positive change.”

    The launch of The Climate Academy in Pune schools comes at a critical juncture as the global community grapples with the escalating impacts of climate change. Through targeted education and engagement initiatives, The Climate Academy and VIBGYOR Group of Schools are poised to make a meaningful contribution to environmental sustainability and resilience. Additionally, on 5th April 2024, online classes were held for Cluster schools, further emphasising the commitment to accessible and inclusive education on climate issues across various educational platforms.


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