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  • Vidya Bashes Mansplaining in her Recent Satirical Monologue

    Published on June 4, 2019

    The conversation on gender equality has been going around for a while now. Be it driving skills, physical strength, mental strength, IQ, etc, women across the world are criticized for everything by the opposite gender. Taking this conversation a step forward, actress and RJ Vidya Balan, is once again making her voice count. The actress came up with an impressive monologue delivered in a satirical fashion topped with oodles of wit. Vidya Balan addresses the constant taunts and snide remarks by society, which makes women feel less valuable.

    In the video, Vidya Balan is seen taking a dig at men and the situations which make them judge a woman. On one hand, we see her dressed as a male chauvinist who stops at nothing to ridicule everything about women, while Vidya balances things out with a mature outlook, talking about the situation at hand. Vidya further urges men to not opt for mansplaining and instead engage in a healthy debate if they don’t agree with her point of view.

    Speaking about the inequality, Vidya Balan said, “Be it home or office, choose your words carefully before speaking with a woman. There are many things which men say without thinking that it might be wrong or offensive. Equality should not be limited to documents, but it should be visible in the conversations and actions of men.”

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