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  • Vidyashilp University Launches a Ph.D. Program in its Founding Year

    Published on August 9, 2022

    Vidyashilp University, a flagship in higher education of the esteemed Vidyashilp Education Group, has rolled out full-time and part-time Ph.D. programs to develop future leaders who will contribute to the development of society.

    • The program has been curated in the founding year of the university to reiterate the institute’s focus on research-driven innovation
    • The Vidyashilp Research Centre was established to promote an interdisciplinary and interconnected approach to research

    Vidyashilp University’s Ph.D. program aims to build collective domain expertise in the University. The program brings together scholars across different educational backgrounds and industries to engage and conduct original research, address industry-based research requirements, and provide solutions to crucial societal needs.

    “Our investment into research in the founding year of the University marks our commitment to the growth and development of our faculty and industry partners. We not only encourage research in emerging academic domains but there is an emphasis on the interdisciplinary orientation which is vital to bring value to industry and society. Moreover, we will take the learning from our research to our curriculum and classrooms”, says Dr. Vijayan Immanuel, Vice Chancellor of Vidyashilp University.

    The primary guiding principle of the University is to foster and promote an interdisciplinary and interconnected approach to research, innovation, and problem-solving. The University will collaborate with academicians, businesses, industry partners, and society at large to address contemporary real-world problems. This multi-faceted approach not only provides domain expertise but helps develop innovative interdisciplinary solutions.

    The research will be conducted in the areas of data science, economics, psychology, material science, and management

    The Vidyashilp Research Centre was established to accelerate the University’s mission and research objectives. The Centre initiates plans and projects to enhance the research capability and contribution of the University.

    The key objectives of the Vidyashilp Research Centre are as follows:

    • Inculcate a culture of research and innovation among faculty members and students
    • Promote interdisciplinary research
    • Undertake joint research projects in collaboration with other universities and institutions
    • Facilitate faculty and students to undertake research projects in emerging disciplines of social relevance
    • Organize interactions with entrepreneurs, industrialists, NGOs, philanthropists, and faculty members of the university to exchange ideas and generate collaborative research aligned to some of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)


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