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Vijayalaxmi Suvarna has been appointed as an Independent Director at Gopal Snacks Ltd, following the company’s successful IPO

 Directors’ Institute – World Council of Directors is proud to announce the appointment of Ms.Vijayalaxmi Suvarna as an Independent Director at Gopal Snacks Ltd. Vijayalaxmi’s extensive background in business coaching, along with her unparalleled commitment to excellence and integrity, makes her a valuable addition to the Gopal Snacks Ltd. board.

With over 27 years of experience spanning Hospitality, Telecom, Consultancy, and Entrepreneurship, Vijayalaxmi brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her new role. Her proven track record of guiding over 300 SMEs and FMBs through complex challenges showcases her ability to provide real-time, forthright solutions to intricate business problems.

What sets Vijayalaxmi apart is not just her professional accomplishments but her unwavering dedication to living a purposeful life. She understands the distinction between Passion, Profession, and Purpose, and her commitment to these principles shines through in everything she does. Despite facing formidable challenges, Vijayalaxmi has risen above them through sheer hard work, determination, and an unyielding adherence to ethical standards. Said Zeeshaan Pathan Group Managing Director and CEOWorld Development Corporation

The success of Gopal Snacks Ltd.’s IPO, listed on March 13th, stands as a testament to the company’s vision and resilience in the market. As an Independent Director, Vijayalaxmi will undoubtedly contribute her invaluable insights and strategic acumen towards furthering the company’s growth trajectory.

Directors’ Institute takes immense pride in facilitating the placement of exceptional individuals like Ms. Vijayalaxmi Suvarna and acknowledges the crucial role played by its community in nurturing talent and fostering success in the corporate landscape.

Directors’ Institute – World Council of Directors is a premier organisation dedicated to promoting excellence in corporate governance and leadership. With a diverse community of seasoned professionals and thought leaders, the Institute offers unique resources and networking opportunities aimed at driving positive change in the business world.

Ms. Vijayalaxmi Suvarna’s appointment underscores the Institute’s commitment to fostering excellence and integrity in corporate governance.

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