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    Violinist Kala Ramnath takes on to the online space to cultivate positivity through music

    Published on April 7, 2020

    by Sachin Murdeshwar

    Mumbai : Due to the novel Corona Virus, Covid-19, our life has completely changed. While we wait for this pandemic to get over, lets continue to be as curious and passionate as earlier. Taking this thought ahead, The Singing Violin of India Kala Ramnath has created a two week module for e-learning module. Titled ‘Together at Home’, Kala Ramnath will cover various aspects of violin like how to tune a violin, technique for the violin hand, correct use of the bow in the bowing hand, the beginning of ‘gamak’, etc. The learning sessions will be followed by Q & A where audience/viewers can ask Kala their questions.
    These sessions will be conducted on Facebook Live : https://www.facebook.com/violinkala/
    Time : 5.00 pm
    Date : April 1 to 14, 2020
    Details of the sessions:
    Session 2 : April 2, 2020 : Correct technique to hold the violin and bow
    Session 3: April 3, 2020:  Learn to use the right fingers to play a phrase or scale
    Session 4: April 4, 2020:  Correct use of the bow
    Session 5: April 5, 2020: Exercises to develop technique for the violin hand
    Session 6: April 6, 2020:  Exercises to develop technique for the bowing hand
    Session 7 : April 7,2020: Beginning of Gamak
    Session 8: April 8, 2020: Exercises for bow speed
    Session 9: April 9, 2020: Exercises for speed of violin hand
    Session 10 to 14: April 10 to 14, 2020 : Advanced exercises.
     “Together at Home”: E-learning session
     14 sessions| April 1 to 14 | 5.00 pm
    Kala Ramnath shares, “When we’re all lockdown at home, events, sessions like these can be a welcome change to everyone. This not helps to divert your mind but also stay positive in these difficult times. The virus has set out a wave of worry across individuals, even artists like us but it is important to keep the spirits high and maintaining a healthy state of mind and what better than music to do the same.”